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Day 936: Do, Do, Do

Here’s something I do, do, do in therapy sessions: remind people they do, do, do not have to do, do, do in order to be worthy, worthwhile, worthy-of-love human beings.

I do, do, do this, too: I remind those people who do, do, do all the time that we are

Human BEings


Human DOings

and it’s okay to just be, be, be.

Do, do, do you believe that I heard this song yesterday, which I do, I do, I do love?

Stevie Wonder does, does, does what he can do, do, do better than anybody, and in that YouYouYouTube video he is singing “Do I Do” live, in London.

I do, do, do assume there will be lots to do, do, do soon, soon, soon, north of London,  when my son and I do, do, do Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe for the third year in a row, row, row.

Do, do, do you assume, dear, dear, dear readers, that I do, do, do intend to show, show, show another song, now?

I do, do, do love Michael McDonald too, too, too, and three Michael McDonalds  do, do, do “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”!

Do, do, do you prefer any of these pho, pho, photos?




Do, do, do tell.

Do, do, do you know that I am very, very, very grateful to Stevie Wonder, to  Jimmy Fallon, to Justin Timberlake, to Michael McDonald, and to you, you, you?

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