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Day 264: An Inadvertent Tweet

Yesterday evening, I found out that I had inadvertently tweeted a tweet.

This was the tweet:


I don’t know how that happened.  (I have some theories.)

When I saw it, I knew how quickly that “T” had gone out into the universe.

And there was no taking it back.

How did I know it was out there? Because people responded to that tweet.

The first response was from Teresa (who appears in this blog post).

Teresa replied,


I appreciated that response, because it was quick and effective.

My friend, Janet (who appears in this post), replied,

Were you trying to dot your Is and cross your Ts? Because, half success.

I appreciated that response, because it was both clever and kind.

My 15-year-old son’s response to my inadvertent tweet?  He favorited it, and re-tweeted it.

I appreciated that response, too.

What were MY responses to that tweet?

Here were my feelings, when I first saw it:

  1. I felt perplexed.  (“Where did that come from?”)
  2. I felt embarrassed.  (“That’s a mistake.”)
  3. I felt worried. (” What will people think?”)
  4. I felt safe.  (“People will understand.”)
  5. I felt happy. (“This is fun!”)

The really good news is that I went through Feelings 1 – 3 very quickly …

… and settled on Feelings 4 and 5.

(Somebody, at work, asked me yesterday, “Will I ever stop having these anxious thoughts?”

I said, “I’m not sure.  But maybe you’ll be able to let go of them so fast, you barely notice them.”

We both agreed that would be great.)

As I’ve been composing this post, today, I have been trying out different ways to express the concept of speed. And, as you have seen (and heard), I settled upon a sound bite.

In an earlier blog post this year, I  was also looking for a way to express the concept of speed.

Apparently, that’s something I sometimes want to communicate, clearly.


Speed is not the same thing as rushing, though.

Something else I yearn to communicate clearly is this:

You have all the time you need.

I hope this is not confusing.

What else did I want to tell you, this fine morning?

Well, I told you about my feeling responses to that inadvertent, fast-as-a-spaceship tweet.

I didn’t tell you about my action — the next “right” thing, that I chose to do.

For many hours, I let that “T” hang out there.

And that was okay.

I realized it might confuse people.

But that was okay.

This morning, I thought of a way to “conclude” that inadvertent tweet, for a sense of closure. To add something to it, so it “made sense.”

I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that, though. There are things to be said for putting something mysterious out there, that makes no immediate sense.

For example, if you do that, people can put their own interpretations on it.

Various tools of therapy are like that:


And so is abstract art:


Yes, there is something to be said for ambiguous things.

But, I have to admit, I like closure sometimes. Especially if I’ve started something (even inadvertently).

Also, I don’t like confusing people. I can be partial to clarity, myself.

Plus, I rarely pass up a chance to be clever, or to refer to something I like.

So, this morning, I sent out another tweet.


Was that the perfect next step?


Could I have been more clever?

I’m sure.

Might that still confuse some people?


What was I thinking about?

This guy, for one thing:


Hey, look!  Tigger‘s tweeting, too!

Ta Ta For Now, dear readers. (And thanks to all.)

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