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Day 2646: What’s your worst fear AND what’s helping?

In the online groups I have been facilitating this week, I’ve been inviting people to share their worst fears and also what has been helping them deal with these.

My worst fear is that I won’t leave enough room for people to have all their feelings and what helps is my asking questions like that one.

Do you see any worst fears AND do you see anything that helps in my images from yesterday?

This interview with Dr. Fauci by Trevor Noah included worst fears and was also very helpful.

Please express worst fears AND what is helping you, in a comment below.

What helps me, every day, is finding and expressing gratitude wherever I am, so thanks to all (including YOU).

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Day 1472: Room for feelings

There’s room for your feelings.   There’s room for my feelings, too.

There’s room for the feelings you like and for the feelings you dislike.

In therapy group rooms, there’s room for me to remind people that there’s room for feelings.


There’s room for feelings about the rest of my photos from yesterday.











There’s room for feelings about this song.

There’s room for feelings about this post in the comment section, below.

I know there’s room for my feelings of gratitude for all who helped me create today’s post and — of course!  — for YOU.

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