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Day 3546: Scholars

Looking at all the images I have to share with you on my last day of a terrific and illuminating Road Scholar adventure, I think “Scholars” is a good title for this blog post.

Do you scholars agree?


Thanks to all the wonderful scholars who help me blog every precious day, including YOU!

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Day 3545: Making up for lost time

After I got out of the hospital yesterday and rejoined the tour of the Georgia islands, I’ve been making up for lost time, which you can probably tell by my images for today.

Even as I’m making up for lost time, there is no way I have the time today to observe all those National Days. I don’t even have the time to check YouTube for a video.

There’s always time for me to express gratitude to you!

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Day 3544: Never seen

Before this vacation, I’d never seen

  • the islands off the southeastern coast of Georgia,
  • the inside of a brain CT scan machine, and
  • the inside of a Georgia hospital.

You’ve never seen anybody as happy as I’ll be when I get out of this hospital and rejoin my vacation tour of the Georgia islands, which MIGHT be today.

Here are some images I assume you’ve never seen:

I’ve actually never seen the world through another’s eyes but I try to do that, every day.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “never seen.”

I’ve never seen Limoblaze before, but I’m very glad to see that video today.

You’ve most likely seen gratitude from me before, but you’ve never seen this particular image of thanks:

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