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Day 2359: Self-Transformation

Yesterday, when I was having another day of self-transformation at the enormous South Shore Plaza mall accompanied by my boyfriend Michael and my son Aaron, I saw this:

And, as usual, everything else I saw spoke to me of Self-Transformation.

Those last four self-transformation images show Aaron’s father’s large-format camera and his transforming photographs of our self-transforming son.

Self-transformation can come in many forms, including

  • books,
  • beliefs,
  • being in the moment,
  • blogging, and
  • those are just the b’s!

Here‘s “Self Transformation” music which has transformed a grand total of three people on YouTube:

Aaron Doughty has posted this “Higher-Self Transformation Meditation that will change your life forever…” on YouTube:

Now I have to go to work and help people with self-transformation through therapy.

Feel free to practice self-transformation in a comment, below.

Self-transforming gratitude to all those who helped me create today’s self-transformation post and — of course — to YOU.

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