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Day 2504: Please pardon our appearance

In the past, when I have had red eye (which I am prone to developing because I’m on anti-coagulant medication for the rest of my life), I have asked people to please pardon my appearance.

I assumed that

  • people were bothered by my appearance and
  • I needed pardoning.

No more!  From now on, whenever I get red eye, I shall ask for no pardons.  Why should I?  After all,

  • I am appearing as best as I can,
  • I love the color red, and
  • nobody’s appearance needs pardoning.

I am also not going to ask you to please pardon the appearance of my latest photos.


















I’m also not going to ask you to pardon the appearance of last night’s special at the Birch Street Bistro in Roslindale, Massachusetts, which was delicious.

Personally, I find it very freeing to stop asking for pardons about appearances.  Does anybody want to join me in that?

Here‘s “Guide for the Perplexed” from PARDON OUR APPEARANCE by The XVIII  Century Greats.


I like the appearance of that dog and I look forward to your appearance in the comments section, below.

Please accept the appearance of my gratitude, here and now.




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Day 957: Unforeseen Circumstances 

Yesterday morning, my son Aaron, my excellente ex-sister-in-law Deborah, and I walked over to the New Town section of Edinburgh,  to try out a highly regarded breakfast spot named “Urban Angel.”

When we got there, we found this:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we ended up at a fine breakfast establishment next door, with more unforeseen circumstances, including:

Deborah ordering six shots of Espresso and cream and getting whipped cream instead of regular cream on the side,

white AND pink marshmallows adorning a glass of fine Italian hot chocolate,

my foreseenly breakfast-shunning son eating most of his hearty breakfast (except for the more than forty seen beans), and

four unforeseen backpackers at the next table unforeseenly  singing German Christmas songs, out of season.  When those four seemingly German singers  asked us if we had any requests, we then had the unforeseen circumstance of my being serenaded —  in Scotland on August 14 — with “O Tannenbaum.”

Other unforeseen circumstances, yesterday, included an extended walk around foreseen Edinburgh, where all the unforseen-ness of the following unforeseen scenes were seen:







Here’s an unforeseen circumstance: I’m going to ask you to guess what all those unforeseen flavors are for, above.

After the unforeseen circumstance of over forty seen flavors at a restaurant, there was yet another unforeseen and un-four-scene circumstance:


Unforseenly, Aaron and I totally disagreed about a Festival Fringe performance of Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd. While I LOVED the unforseen and flawless navigation of a complex score by all the singers and musicians,  Aaron disliked the acting.

Then, we encountered a few more unforeseen circumstances, at this foreseen Fringe Festival venue:

Lote —  who was handing out unforeseen  flyers outside the world-famous and formerly seen Frankenstein establishment — told us, unforeseenly, that she:

  • was given the name “Charlotte” at birth,
  • chose the name “Lote” for herself because it’s Elvish for “blossoming flower,”
  • is of Russian Jewish descent, and
  • was convinced  we would all love a stand-up comedian who was (1) performing at the Frankenstein in four minutes and (2) a master of punning.

Then, this unforeseen circumstance: none of us enjoyed the foreseen punning of that comedian.

Two more unforeseen circumstances:

  1. My red eye is NOT fading and
  2. My purple hair extension is.

That foreseen red eye may look bad, but it is unforeseenly and completely painless.

Is it unforeseen what music I’ve seen as seemly for this unforeseen post?

Perhaps it should have been a foreseen circumstance  by the three of us that —  directly after seeing  “A Little Priest” in a scene from Sweeney Todd — we were all punned out.

Unforeseen thanks to all those who unforeseenly contributed to this unforeseen and circumstantial post and foreseen thanks to you — of course! — no matter what your circumstances, today.

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