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Day 1442: Entertaining

Here’s the first entertaining image I captured yesterday.


Today, my boyfriend Michael and I are looking at a home described this way on the entertaining website Trulia:

This charming and sunny single-family home features an open floor plan on the first level of the home, making it perfect for entertaining.

Actually, Michael and I do very little entertaining, even though we’re pretty entertaining people. I find it entertaining that the Trulia description completely omits the most entertaining aspect of this home for me: it’s REALLY close to the entertaining Atlantic ocean.  I’ve decided that because I find U.S. politics so completely unentertaining, I need the entertainment of long walks on the  Massachusetts seashore.

Speaking of the entertaining Massachusetts seashore,  my entertaining boyfriend and I recently saw the movie Manchester by the Sea.  You might find it entertaining to know that I grew up in an entertaining town very close to Manchester-by-the-Sea  on the North Shore of Boston, and I find it entertaining that Manchester-by-the-Sea was just called Manchester back then. Here’s a quote from entertaining Wikipedia:

To prevent confusion with the nearby and much larger city of Manchester, New Hampshire, the name of the town was officially changed in 1989 following a close town meeting vote that year and an act of the state legislature passed on September 25, 1989.

By the way, Manchester by the Sea is an  amazing movie. It’s an incredible combination of soulful humanity, searing tragedy, unblinking honesty, superb acting, skillful direction, beautiful cinematography, and  surprisingly entertaining dialog — a film I will always remember.  If I were  an entertainment critic, I would strongly urge you to see it. Also, if you find Boston accents entertaining, there are lots of them in Manchester by the Sea.

That reminds me of this very entertaining clip parodying Boston-based movies from Late Night with Seth Myers:


It’s time for my other entertaining pictures from yesterday!














Now I have to rush off to another entertaining session at Cardiac Rehab, because the staff there are not entertained when I’m late.

Here’s one more entertaining photo from me:


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