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Day 2557: 2020 visions

My 2020 visions include these:

  • My son Aaron, who has the best vision ( better than 20/20!), will be spending time with us in the USA and also in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • There will be an important USA election in November with winners and losers.
  • Many people will worry about the results of that election, including me.
  • My Coping and Healing therapy groups will help and support different types of people.
  • The Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy (NSGP) will offer a June conference focusing on Diversity and Inclusion.
  • There will be an awesome new President (of NSGP).
  • My new husband and old boyfriend Michael (who is the same person) will make lots of delicious and nutritious meals.
  • There will be unexpected developments in technology.
  • Many pundits will share their visions of 2020.
  • Many of those visions will be  wrong.
  • I will do my best to live non-judgmentally, be healthy, and express appreciation to others.
  • I will share my visions with you daily, here at this blog.

Here are my final visions of 2019:














New Years Eve with pugs

In that last photo, my 2020 vision (corrected by contact lenses) sees my new husband and old boyfriend Michael, the current and future Presidents of NSGP, the future Treasurer of NSGP, and pugs.

My 2020 visions also include

  • wearing the awesome earrings the future president made for the current president and
  • dancing with my husband to music like this

… and this:


What are your 2020 visions?

I also see many 2020 expressions of gratitude to wonderful people, including YOU.




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Day 2107: Insanely calm

In the midst of insanely upsetting local and global news, it might seem insane to be calm.

Nevertheless, that is my goal: to remain insanely calm.

Taking photos helps me stay insanely calm.


I wonder what the best solution for Person Anxiety is. In other words,  what helps you be insanely calm?

Here are the rest of my insanely calm photos for today:


Tea helps me be insanely calm and so do sayings like “Experience will give you the power and confidence to be you” even when my photos are insanely unfocused.

I was drinking delicious and calming Yogi tea last night while Michael and I watched The Phantom Thread, which — now that I calmly think about it — featured people being insanely calm.

Here is some insanely calm music from The Phantom Thread, by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead:

I look forward to insanely calm comments from my insanely loyal readers.

Finally, some insanely calm gratitude for all who helped me create this insanely calm post and — OF COURSE — for you.


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