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Day 851: What’s Your Question?

After 850 days of consecutive blogging, there’s no question that I love questions, is there?

Unquestionably, last night at a therapy group, somebody asked a question about Ouija Boards, which made it up on the White Board:

What’s your question about that?

The advertising tagline for the Ouija (a combination of the French and German words for “yes”) Board is:

You’ve got the questions and the spirit world has the answers.

What’s your question about that?

If you had a Ouija Board, what would your question be? What’s your question, right now?

I saw that question an hour after last night’s therapy group asked and answered lots of questions.

Does that sign mean that we only get one question?

That’s my question, in the moment.

What’s your question, about any of these other things I questioned yesterday, by capturing them on my iPhone?



What are those top cats looking at?

What are you looking at, right now?

Two of my unquestionably favorite tunes of all time have questions in the title. Here‘s “Questions” by the Buffalo Springfield:

And here‘s “Question and Answer” by Pat Metheny:

What’s your question?

My answer is always gratitude, to all those who helped me create this post and to you, for all your questions and answers.

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