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Day 703: Go Ham

Do any of my readers have associations with the phrase “Go Ham?”

Here are some clues about “Go Ham.”

Clue # 1: Yesterday, I met Danise


who works at a Cardiac Rehab facility at YET ANOTHER HOSPITAL in the Boston USA area. At my first visit to that cardiac rehab facility, yesterday afternoon, Danise suggested I “go ham” after she set me up on one of the exercise machines there.

Clue #2:

My use of upper-case letters in that previous paragraph. I don’t know about you, but I use upper case letters when I’m having strong feelings about something. For example, I  have spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME at hospitals in my life. These days, I work at one Boston-area hospital, get my medical care at another, will be getting a second opinion at a third one (where I spent a lot of time as a child, dealing with cardiac issues), and now am going to cardiac rehab (suggested by my current medical team) at a fourth hospital.


Clue #3.

Although this might be a red (or a spiral) herring, I keep seeing ham, everywhere, these days.

IMG_2377 IMG_2635 IMG_2619

My 16-year-old son, who is not spiraled but IS red,  is rehearsing in another play,  and did you know that actors are called hams, in these parts?  I’LL BE SEEING HIM IN THAT PLAY IN 10 DAYS.

Clue #4.

An online definition (AND IT’S ABOUT TIME!)

go ham


to act in an outrageous manner.
If I don’t get my money I’m about to go ham.

to party excitedly; “go crazy”.

I shall leave it to you to check out the full definition of “go ham” at the online slang dictionary, if you choose. (Depending upon your feelings about language, you might go ham when you see it.)

Clue #4.

My timing is off, these days, which MAKES ME GO HAM. For example:

  • my pacemaker doesn’t speed up as much as it should when I exercise, which is due to my being in atrial fibrillation ALL OF THE TIME,
  • tomorrow, my friend Deb and I are going to NYC to see Sting‘s The Last Ship on Broadway and STING IS JOINING THE CAST NEXT TUESDAY.
  • I’ve missed opportunities to make timely associations in these posts, including:


… which would have been a GREAT image for “a race of men in the trees” in this post from a few days ago AND last night’s episode of Top Chef BOSTON included a visit to the same Restaurant Depot I recently visited with my ex-sister-in-law and son over Thanksgiving weekend (featured photographically in this here post).

Speaking of my timing, if I don’t wrap up this post soon, I’ll be late for a talk called “My Journey to Peace” at the hospital where I work, this morning.

#5.  I HAVE TO KEEP A FOOD DIARY FOR CARDIAC REHAB, which makes me go ham.


What would be a good, hammy song choice for “Go Ham”?

PRINCE going HAM on “Let’s Go Crazy” and “Fix Ur Life Up” (among other things) at the 2013 Billboard Awards, found here on YOUTube.

Many thanks to Danise, my son, Deb, Sting, Prince, hams everywhere, and to you — of course! — for going or not going ham today.

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