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Day 444: PCP

Today is the first day of spring, which is Pretty Cool, People!

Unfortunately, it  IS still pretty cool, temperature-wise, in these Painfully Cold Parts, where I live. Nevertheless, I am Parti-Cularly  Psyched because of the promise, chance & prospect of better weather, on the way.

Okay! It’s time for this procrastinating, crafty poster to tackle my Principally Contemplated Point, this morning.

Yesterday, I saw my PCP, Dr. Laura Snydman, for a check-up.

For those perplexed, confused, or puzzled by the acronym PCP in that particular context, people, PCP can mean (according to

primary care physician

primary care professional, or

primary care provider

If you are a particularly careful perceiver, you’ll notice that acronyms can having many different meanings, as I’ve Previously Chosen to Post about (in Day 419: LOL and Day 441: FINE).

Actually, Dr. Snydman, my PCP, has appeared in a prior, complimentary post, called “Day 285: How to choose a doctor.” If you’re interested in Proficient, Compassionate People and/or Prohibitively Cute Puppies, take a prolonged or cursory peek, (according to your personal choice or preference) at that previously composed piece.

Anyway, I’ve been having some Pre-Checkup Paranoia, lately, because of some unPredicted changes, physically, that I’ve been dealing with, since September 30 (see herehere, here, here, here, and here for past, complete posts about “atrial fibrillation” or “a-fib”).

But, as I told Michael, when I got home last night, the check-up went as well as it could possibly have gone. I mean, I am Perfectly Chipper, Physically.  In other words, considering my particularly complex, personal health issues, I am … Pretty Crikey* Perfect.

If you, dear readers, prefer some pointed, clarifying particulars about my PCP visit, here’s particularly charming proof, for me:

My perceptive, caring physician had a palpable, clear, and positive reaction when I said my age, yesterday.

Okay!  Time for some post-completing pictures, from my PCP visit:




Pretty Cool Pad, huh?

Thanks to my PCP, Dr. Laura Snydman and to you — primarily! — for reading today.

* I couldn’t think of a better word than “Crikey”, for that particular, choice position in that acronym.  Other words I considered there: “cheesy” and  “chillin'”. Other potential choices, peeps?

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