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Day 1222: Be proud of who you are

Yesterday —  on another cold and rainy May stay-cation day — I saw my old friend Ada. We shared many memories, hopes,  and a cup of tea.


Be proud of who you are, even if

  • you forget to take a picture of your fabulous friend Ada,
  • you fall asleep before answering all the comments on your blog,
  • the universe conspires to give you miserable weather throughout your long-awaited May stay-cation,
  • you make mistakes every day,
  • your memory and your endurance fade as you age,
  • you go for walks when other people have the good sense to stay inside,
  • you dance and sing out loud in public,
  • you sometimes forget the words,
  • you let your childhood piano go untuned for over 15 years,
  • you’re living with a guy who collects snow globes,
  • you haven’t done any of the cooking, cleaning, or laundry since that snow-globe-collecting guy moved in,
  • you make messes,
  • you have trouble making some decisions,
  • you get impatient sometimes,
  • you show and express all your feelings, including fear, anger, sadness, and joy, and
  • you can’t always explain why you snap and share the photos you do.




I’m proud of who I was yesterday, dancing  and singing out loud to this:

Be proud of who you are, no matter how you respond to this post.

Proud thanks to all who help me blog every day and to you — of course! — for being proud of who you are (I hope).

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Day 1117: I am what I am

At a therapy group yesterday, one of the members brought in a gift: a cartoon of  Popeye the Sailor Man, with his signature saying,  “I yam what I yam.”

Because I am what I am — a group therapist who appreciates gifts and hopes to inspire creativity and sharing — I suggested  we use those cartoons to express ourselves.


Because I am what I am — somebody who loves music and pop culture trivia — I looked up the Popeye theme song during that group exercise, last night.

Because I am what I am — an ex-marketing writer who likes to avoid false advertising — I want to tell you that YouTube video of the Popeye theme song is NOT in Hindi.

Because my boyfriend Michael is what he is, he just said to me, “Are you looking for try-out songs for your audition for The Voice?”

Because I am what I am — somebody who appreciates a good sense of humor — I laughed out loud.

Because I am what I am — a daily blogger who likes to share the  photos I snap wherever I go — here are some other pictures from yesterday:

Because I am what I am — a group facilitator with a passion for my work — I’m giving a presentation about group therapy this morning for the Massachusetts Psychological Association.

Because I am what I am — somebody who likes to be on time — I’m finishing today’s blog post now, but not before I request that  you leave a comment about “I am what I am.”

Pop-eyed thanks to people who heal in groups, Max Fleischer (the creator of Popeye), the Fenway Park area of Boston Massachusetts, and you — of course! — for being what you are, today.

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Day 649: That’s so you!

Yesterday, I knew “That’s so you!” would be today’s blog post.

That’s so me, having a post title suddenly pop into my head, seemingly out of nowhere.

But that thought, as always, came from somewhere.

Over a year ago, somebody read a description I’d written about the therapy groups I facilitate and said:

That’s so you!

Yesterday, this email went out, advertising a presentation I’ll be making in two weeks:

Anne Koplow, MSW, LICSW presents:

“Come One, Come All, Whenever! Open Access Groups at a Hospital Primary Care Practice “

Ann will demonstrate the flexible-attendance group model she developed and is facilitating four times a week for a hospital-based Primary Care Practice. This model provides group support, coping strategies, and symptom-reduction skills for depression, anxiety, and stress, drawing from treatment modalities including CBT, DBT, Narrative, Psychodynamics, and other group therapy techniques..

That’s so me, having my name misspelled (but spelled correctly, too).

Often, when somebody says to me:

That’s so you!

I’m not sure exactly what they mean.  I can’t tell what they’re thinking, but I


that it’s a compliment.

When I’ve said to myself,

That’s so you!

… I have to admit that’s often NOT complimentary.  In the past, I’ve told myself

you’re so

  • lazy
  • clumsy
  • clueless
  • unattractive
  • immature
  • insensitive

I’m interrupting this list to do something that’s so me: including this song, which I found here on YouTube.

  • talentless
  • selfish
  • stupid
  • weird,

and other negative labels.

These days, it’s so me to point out those are all unhelpful cognitive distortions.

Yesterday, I saw somebody I like at work and thought

That’s so her!


That’s Indrani, telling me  she’s so

  • energetic,
  • fun, and
  • feisty.

That IS so her!

Before I show you some other recent photos, I wanted to tell you something else that’s so me.

Several helpful people here at WordPress have suggested I get some kind of photo software to reduce the sizes of my pictures, after I take them. (It’s so me to refer you to yesterday’s post, which has more about that.) Last night, I bought an app — Camera Plus Pro — for my iPhone, which allows me to choose a low-resolution setting for all the photos I take for this blog, from now on.  Why did I choose that method?  That’s so me, doing something I think will be easier.

That’s so me, to wonder whether that last paragraph does a good enough job explaining what I want to communicate, and then to just move on to these photos, which are so me (and other things, too):


IMG_0572 IMG_0575 IMG_0580 IMG_0592 IMG_0593 IMG_0594 IMG_0595 IMG_0632 IMG_0633 IMG_0636 IMG_0637

That’s so me, to include photos that might benefit from explanation, and then explain only a few. In this case, I shall tell you

  1. those people lined up, in front of CVS pharmacy,  are waiting to meet Joe Perry from Aerosmith at Boston’s Guitar Center and
  2. I took that last photo with Camera Plus Pro.

Can you relate to anything, in particular, that you are finding in this post?

It’s so me, before I end a post, to ask some question, inviting you to think:

That’s so human.

It’s so me to wonder whether I did that, today.

Many thanks to Indrani, to Astrud Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim (for “How Insensitive“), and to everybody reading this — of course! — for being so you, right now.

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