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Day 2259: Reassuring

I find it reassuring that

  • I’m pretty sure I know how to spell “reassuring,”
  • so many people read and comment about my blog,
  • I have life-long friends like Barbara, whose birthday was yesterday,
  • even though my son, Aaron, tells me I need more reassuring than most people, I’m getting better and better at reassuring myself,
  • I’m not freaking out about tax season this year,
  • I’m not stressing about a presentation next week, and
  • at two thousand two hundred and ninety-five consecutive blog posts, I can still find post titles I haven’t used before, like “Reassuring.”

What do you find reassuring?

Shall we see if there’s anything reassuring in my photos from yesterday?  Sure!

















It’s reassuring to me and probably to her therapy patients that my co-worker Alice has so many stress balls in her office.

Here‘s a playlist  on YouTube titled “Hopeful Reassuring Songs.”

It’s reassuring that there are almost fifty songs on that playlist, including “All Will Be Well,” “There’s Nothing Wrong with You” and “Brave.”

It would be reassuring to me if you left a comment, but please do whatever is reassuring for you.

Reassuring thanks to all who helped me create this reassuring post and — of course! — to YOU.


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Day 331: Preparation

Yesterday, I bravely (if I do say so myself) volunteered to give another presentation about my therapy groups.

Unexpectedly, the presentation will be a week from today.

I’m glad it’s only a week away.  Less time to prepare, less pressure for me.

Now, I have to prepare for the presentation.  

Except I really don’t have to prepare.  It’s a topic I know enough about, for sure.

I know more than my audience knows.*

As a matter of fact, I know a lot more than that.   How could I not?  I do the groups four times, every week.  Also, they are my passion.

I’m sure I will have enough to say about them.

So really, what do I need to prepare?

Nothing. I just need to show up, with a prop or two.

In the past, there’s another way I have prepared for presentations. I’ve worried about them. I’ve imagined a negative outcome. In other words,  I’ve had cognitive distortions about:

  • What could go wrong.
  • People thinking I suck.

Hmmm. That about covers it.

I think I can forego that aspect of the preparation, this time.

What data do I have to support letting go of worry — doing it differently — this time?

I have good data for that. That is, every other time I’ve done a presentation this year about the same topic, it has gone very well.

Actually, I’ve rocked.**

So there’s no reason to expect that I will do anything except rock, this time.

I mean, I’m sure that my critical voice could come up with lots of arguments for why THIS TIME will be different. For example ….

This is a different audience. You haven’t done a presentation for several months.  The past is not necessarily a predictor of the future. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

This is what I would like to say to my critical voice this morning:


Just to make sure my critical voice hears that, here’s a hundred more (viewer discretion advised):

I think that should hold my critical voice, for the week until my presentation.

So here’s a prescription —  an antidote — for myself, this morning:

Rx:  For one week, administer “Shut Ups”, PRN***.

Before I end this post, I want to write about preparing for one more thing:


I just looked for a definition of “Thanksgivukkah” on-line, and this is what I found, from

It’s a once in more than 70,000-year event: The first day of Hanukkah this year coincides with Thanksgiving.

As I wrote in an e-mail to my cousin Lani, a while ago:

I’m not sure what we are doing for Thanksgivukkuh.  Trying not to feel the pressure of 70,000 years.

That concludes today’s blog post, my dear readers.

Thanks to my family,  The Moderate Voice and (for the “Shut Ups!”), to preparers and thanks-givers everywhere, and to you — of course! — for reading today.


* Years ago, my sister told me that helpful definition of a good-enough teacher.

** I’ve already linked to this same post about bragging, but what the hell.

** Pro Re Nata (Latin), meaning “take whenever needed.”

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Day 113: I am solving problems in my sleep!

Well, I may not be getting a lot of sleep — during this Year of Doing Things that Scare the Hell Out of Me — BUT here’s something I’m noticing:

I am solving problems while I am sleeping.

This is what I mean by that:

All year, whenever I’ve had to do something that scares me (like a presentation, for example) (today!), I wake up in the morning — BING! — with ideas that are going to help me that day.

I wake up with specific ideas about How to Do that Anxiety-Provoking Task.

What are the tasks which have been causing me anxiety this year?

(1) Presentations I am making in front of people at the hospital where I work.

(2)  New therapy groups I am doing with people.

Why are these particular tasks causing me anxiety?

(1) Because they feel new (once I’m practiced at them, I’m not anxious any more) and

(2) They feel important to me.  They matter to me.

The chance for failure — when things feel new AND they are important — that causes my anxiety to go up.

Makes sense, huh?

Thank goodness, for how my brain is working right now!

It helps me have faith in my own process, as I learn and grow this year.

Thanks for reading, today.

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Day 92: What’s so scary?

This is what I want to write about, right now, because I felt scared today, and I’m still feeling it.

I thought it might be helpful to ask myself the question: “What’s so scary?” and see what happens.

Okay, let the questioning begin.

What’s so scary?

I’m glad you asked.   Here’s what so scary: I have to make several presentations, about the therapy groups that I’m doing, to several different audiences, starting next week.  I admit that I lost track of the time and — with kind of a shock —  realized today that it was just a week away.  A week!

What’s so scary about that?

I’m not really prepared.  I mean, I THOUGHT I was prepared. But now that it’s real, and I’m imagining doing the presentation, in front of people I don’t know, who I’m imagining as bored, judgmental, or even contemptuous —  I’m realizing that what I THOUGHT would be good enough, probably isn’t.

So, obviously, I should have been working on this presentation more before. Also, this is the beginning of an inexorable chain of presentations  — SEVEN in the next six weeks. PLUS, this is leading up to another, much bigger presentation I have to do in June to an audience that REALLY scares me.

What’s so scary about that?

Haven’t you been listening?  There is the chance for FAILURE here!  Plus, I could disappoint some people who are expecting me to be good.  So I’m feeling guilty about not doing more, before today. Plus, I’m feeling like a CONCEITED JERK for thinking that I had things all together, and didn’t need to prepare much for this.  What was I thinking, when I said I would do this? I should have known this would scare the sh*t out of me!  How am I ever going to be calm for the next two months??  This is the most stressful thing EVER.  And work can be stressful enough, already.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?  I should have known better.  That’s what I get, for thinking that I was in a confident and experienced enough place to be able to do this without FREAKING OUT.  I mean, look at me now!

So what’s so scary?



I guess my thoughts are scaring me, not the actual presentation.

There are an awful lot of cognitive distortions in those thoughts, which I can see, now that I’ve written them down. I  see shoulds, mind reading, catastrophizing, labeling, emotional reasoning, and there’s probably more.


Here’s what I’m thinking now.

I guess I don’t know how the presentation is going to turn out.

I guess I’m afraid of my own fear, in a way.

I guess imagining the audience being bored, judgmental, and/or contemptuous isn’t helping me right now.


I’m actually a lot less scared.  Amazing.

But what if those thoughts come back between now and next week?  Or between now and June?

I’ll just ask myself,  What’s so scary?

Until it isn’t.

And if that doesn’t work, I’ll figure something else out.

Thanks for reading.

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