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Day 1357: All You Need

Do you need to read a post today titled “All You Need”?  Is that all you need?  If not,  what helps you get all you need? Are you in touch with your needs?  Do you have fears about being too needy?  Do you need to learn how to reach out to others when you have needs?

Was that all you needed about needs?

All I need, right now, is to get on a plane with my boyfriend (and cook extraordinaire) Michael. We need to fly to Minnesota so I can get  the mechanical heart valve I need and  a brand new vertical “zipper” scar.

All we need are photos from needy me:









All I need are good friends who accept my needs and who give me lovely tokens for this trip I need to take.







All I needed to find for my trip was a new, comfortable robe for the hospital. Sometimes, we get what we need.



I found the robe I needed, last night, with a big beautiful heart.

All we need is a song about all I need by  The Hollies.

All you need, sometimes, is a good thank you.


All you need to do, now, is leave a comment.  That’s just what I need.

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Day 852: K as in …

Yesterday, I was on the phone with a kustomer service person named Krissy.

I’m guessing that’s how she spelled her name. With a K, not a C.

I’m guessing that bekause of our phone konversation, which inkluded this:

Krissy: Let me look you up in the system. What’s your name again?
Me: It’s Koplow. K as in …

And I paused, because I kould not, for the life of me, think of any word that started with a K to help Krissy spell Koplow, except for my late father’s line, which I heard kontinuously when he was alive and kicking:

K as in Knife.

I always loved it when my father said that to help spell our name, because it was so klever, komical and playful, like he was. But I didn’t want to use that K word  with Krissy yesterday. Why? As with any human aktion (or inaktion), the reasons kan be komplikated. Perhaps I kouldn’t use Knife with Krissy because:

  • I didn’t want to steal from my father,
  • I’m not loving the word knife lately, as I’m going under the surgical knife in two days bekause of my  kardiak kondition a/k/a kongenitally korrekted  tranposition, and
  • Krissy didn’t sound, on the phone, like she’d partikularly enjoy that.

So, as the pause on the phone kontinued — with my mind stuck on Knife as the only K word I kould kome up with — Krissy helpfully suggested


Which led me to konklude that Krissy spelled her name with a K.

Direktly after that konversation, I saw a kommon K word:

And I konsidered using that, the next time I spell Koplow.

When I saw these


I kontemplated what K words those people might use, when spelling their names for others.

What K word would you use, if you kommonly needed to do that?

Do you see any Ks in these other images I enkountered yesterday?



What K musik would you pikk, for this K post?

I’m inkluding “John McKee,” with koncert footage of Pat Metheny, Jack DeJohnette, Herbie Hancock, and Dave Holland:

and a Berklee Kollege of Musik performance of “John McKee” by Sonik Landskape, from the 5-week summer program (which had two additional weeks when I attended Berklee in the konsekutive summers of 1968 and 1969):

As I’ve already konkluded, it’s komplikated.


Thousands of thanks to all kinds of people and places keeping this post on its K-track and to you — of kourse! — for koming by here, today.

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