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Day 1453: American Standards

Having been an American all my life, I have certain standards.  With our latest non-standard Presidential election, I wonder about new American standards and America’s standing in the world.

My standards for creating this daily American blog include looking at my photos from the day before and deciding on the title and the topic. Here’s the American Standard that inspired today’s post:


Here are my other standard American photos from yesterday:













While my mood is addled, deprived, and puzzled regarding American standards in politics, my mood is also giddy and fabulous because Michael made tuna noodle casserole and MY SON AARON IS HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS.

To celebrate, here’s an American standard from the heroic American  Glenn Miller:


I’ll end with some standard American gratitude for all who helped me create this American Standards post and for you — of course! — for upholding your standards, here and now.

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Day 1094: If you are lost or need assistance

Yesterday morning, I felt lost and needed assistance,  because snow had returned to Boston:


Why did I react to the first snowfall of the season that way?

  1. I’ve lived in Boston for 62 years and, at this point,  have seen enough  snow.
  2. Last year’s record snowfall was so overwhelming and painful, I was considering titling this post “PTSD: Post Traumatic Snow Disorder.”
  3. Now that I’m on anti-coagulants for the rest of my life, it’s very dangerous for me to slip and fall while walking, and I LOVE to walk, no matter what the weather.

Anyway, no matter what the weather, we can all feel lost and need assistance, at times.  That’s why I noticed this sign at work:


It’s wonderful to know there’s a service ambassador on call, happy to assist me.

Which reminds me of how happy I am that, starting next Monday, thanks to our new “Quick Response” service, I will be there to assist doctors and patients who feel lost and need assistance, immediately.



What do you do when you are lost and need assistance? Personally, sometimes I take photos of my surroundings to ground myself, like these:









Often, when people are lost and need assistance, they fear they are a bother to other people.  They’re not.

Today, I look forward to meeting with people who might feel lost and need assistance, in group and individual therapy.

Here’s another thing that helps me when I’m lost or need assistance: connection to others.  If you think that means I’m hinting that you leave a comment below, you are NOT lost and in need of assistance.

Thanks to all humans who have ever felt lost or have needed assistance, which — I assume — includes you and everyone else reading this post, here and now.


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