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Day 2046: You choose

We choose so many times on any chosen day, whether or not we’re aware of those choices.

I choose “You choose” as today’s title because I saw this, yesterday:


You choose while so many people are trying to influence how you choose.  You choose, but how do you know if you choose well?

I choose

  • to write a daily blog,
  • to share photos,






  • to dream,


“Who is the most stupid here?”  was one of the top two choices in my YouTube search for “You choose” and has 5.8 million views. Do you choose to believe that “Who is the most stupid here?” explains your personality?

Would you choose “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles?

I chose that. What song would you choose for today’s post?

You choose what comment you want to leave.

I choose to end this blog post with gratitude to all, including YOU.


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