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Day 2770: What’s the greatest mistake you ever made?

It’s difficult for me to to come up with an answer to “What’s the greatest mistake you ever made?”

Make no mistake; I’ve made many mistakes in my long life. It’s just difficult to choose the greatest.

Perhaps the greatest mistake I’ve ever made is

  • reluctance to act for fear of making a mistake,
  • expecting perfection from myself or others, or
  • not forgiving myself for my mistakes.

If I had listened to people telling me that 45 was too old for me to have my first child, that would have been my greatest mistake.


That’s my son, Aaron, wearing a mask unmistakably designed by artist and fellow blogger, Judy Berman.  These days, people’s greatest mistake might be not wearing a mask. For some, it’s the last mistake they’ve made.

It would be a great mistake not to include today’s Daily Bitch Calendar.



Are there any mistakes in my other photos from yesterday?








White supremacy might be the greatest mistake this world has ever made.

Here‘s “Everybody Makes a Mistake” by Otis Redding.

My greatest gratitude to those who help me create this blog, mistakes and all, every day.




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