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Day 634: How lame is that?

Last night, I facilitated a therapy group where people focused on the cognitive distortion of labeling (a/k/a name-calling):

Labeling or Name-calling.
We generate negative global judgments based on little evidence. Instead of accepting errors as inevitable, we attach an unhealthy label to ourselves or others. For example, you make a mistake and call yourself a “loser,” a “failure”, or an “idiot.” Labels are not only self-defeating, they are irrational, simplistic, and untrue. Human beings are complex and fallible, and in truth cannot be reduced to a label. Consider this: we all breathe, but would it make sense to refer to ourselves as “Breathers”?

The group did some great work letting go of negative, unhelpful labels.

I was so inspired by the group that, when I got home, I decided to let go my own labeling and name-calling, took a deep breath, and created another video of me singing.

This time,  I really went all out, indulging a long-standing fantasy:

Singing along to a favorite Pat Metheny tune.

Here’s that video, posted on YouTube:

Now, some people (including me, at other times) might call that video lame. Why? Because:

  • It’s REALLY long. That song goes on for over eight minutes.
  • The sound quality sucks. I mean, I was playing Pat Metheny’s Third Wind on my laptop’s speakers and recording the video with my phone. Granted, I did record it in the one room in our place with better acoustics, but — for people with acute hearing and a well-honed critical sense of music — it might be painful.
  • It’s recorded in the bathroom (also labeled the water closet, the loo, and many other names, in other countries). I mean, how lame is THAT?
  • The visuals are very clichéd. I mean … ANOTHER CAT VIDEO??!!! Aren’t there enough of THOSE posted on YouTube?
  • I did only one practice run-through, singing along to Armando Marcal‘s wonderful vocalizations for that fabulous, multiple time-changing tune and — believe me — I can hear how much better it could have been.
  • My hand-held camera/phone-work might make you nauseous . As a matter of fact, after I posted that on YouTube, I got this message: “We detected your video may be shaky. Would you like us to stabilize it?” Even YouTube, which probably gets a lot of lame videos, labeled MY video “shaky!”

Anyway, what other kinds of visuals and/or sounds can I offer you today?

Here are some photos I snapped recently, which might fit today’s topic, too.

IMG_9614 IMG_9625

IMG_9618  IMG_9622 IMG_9621

How lame are those things I saw in a pet store?

IMG_9636 IMG_9552

And how lame is it that the Red Sox went from winning the World Series last year to last place?

Also, here’s a version of Third Wind from YouTube  that is the opposite of lame.

What do you think about the highs and lows here today?

To end this lame and/or not-lame post, I’m going to quote the last two lines of Eric Wilbur’s Sports Blog on (which I’ve now linked to, twice, in this post) (and how lame is that?):

This time, though, it’s different.

This time, we’re still having fun.

Thanks to the people at my therapy group last night; to Pat Metheny, Armando Marcal, Pedro Aznar, and all the other amazing musicians performing on Third Wind; to Oscar the cat; to animals doing their best at pet stores; to the Red Sox; to Eric Wilbur; and to you — of course! — for letting go of any unhelpful labeling and self-judgment, today.

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