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Day 1463: Sea Journey

On the last day of 2016, my son — who journeys over the sea when he journeys to school or home — and I  journeyed to see the wonderful movie La La Land, about a land near the sea. As we were journeying that day,  we heard “Sea Journey” (written by Chick Corea, who grew up in the same town near the sea as my late father).

I said to my sea-journeying son, “I used to play that.”  And I  thought about the many journeys I’ve taken since I first played “Sea Journey” and wondered if I should journey back to the piano to learn it again.

Since the U.S. election in November, I’ve been on a journey to move near the sea. This sea journey seems so important that sometimes it’s difficult for me to feel peace where I’m living, here and now, away from the sea.

As I often tell others, if you are to journey forward, the first step is accepting exactly where you are.

See? I need to love living away from the sea in order to make a successful journey to the sea.

Ready to see what I saw, yesterday, on my journeys?














That’s Benny (with my niece/travel agent Laura, who books all my journeys), doing his imitation of a sea-journeying seal.

What journeys will you see today?

Many thanks to Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, Gary Burton, Antonio Sanchez, Steve Swallow, Benny, Laura, Victoria (Laura’s daughter),  and my son for accompanying me on recent journeys and to you — of course! — no matter what journey you’re on today.

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Day 1438: New traditions

Yesterday morning, in a therapy group, people made helpful comparisons between old traditions and new traditions for the holidays.

Then, we shared an old tradition of drawing, writing, and otherwise expressing ourselves about the chosen topic of the group. I will now practice the old tradition of showing you what I create in my non-traditional therapy groups.


Would you like to join with me in practicing those traditions of:

  • peace,
  • letting go of guilt,
  • letting go of worry,
  • asking for what we need,
  • accepting help from others, and
  • more time with nature?

Are there new traditions you might choose for yourself during this holiday season?

I have an old tradition of sharing the photos I take the day before in my posts. Do you see any new (or old) traditions in these new photos?


















Since life is to communicate, I will communicate that the birds above reminded me of this non-traditional exchange in the group yesterday:

I’m not bothered by the tweeting of birds.

I am bothered by somebody else and his tweeting.

As is my tradition, I will include some music inspired by the content of today’s post.


Whether it’s an old or new tradition for you to leave me a comment, go for it!

Traditional thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and to you — of course! — for sharing traditions with me.

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Day 1436: Endurance

Even though I’ve had the endurance to keep this daily blog going for almost four years (but who’s counting?), I’ve never written a post titled “Endurance” before.

So why write about endurance today?



Because I see endurance everywhere — not just in manufactured products but also in myself and other beings.

Even if we temporarily lose track of our amazing endurance, remember this: we’ve all had the endurance to get here, to this very moment. And I have this enduring belief:  for each of us, that endurance has NOT been easy.

Do you have the endurance to get through all my other photos from yesterday, when I endured cardiac rehab and much more?


























We had the endurance to get through those. Yay!  I live to share many things with you, including music. Do you have the endurance to sing along?

Now I need the endurance to work on this bright, bright, bright sunshiny day.  What will help me have that endurance?  Patients, patience,  co-workers, and work that I love.

Do you have the endurance to leave an enduring  comment? I have the endurance to appreciate anything you live to share.

Thanks to all who helped me have the endurance to create today’s post and to you — of course! — for having the endurance to be here, now.

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Day 1317: Salt and Battery

Five hundred and sixty-nine days ago (but who’s counting?), I created the post Day 748: A Salt and BatteryI hope it doesn’t feel like assault and battery that I’m

  • using such a similar title today and
  •  recommending that you read that other post before you read this one.

Why “Salt and Battery” today?

This past Saturday, because we were assaulted and battered by torrential downpours and multiple-car-accident delays on our way to seeing comedian Louis C.K. in Springfield Massachusetts, I ended up eating the only food available at the concert venue, which was battered with lots of salt.  Eating too much salt battered me and my unusual heart in a way it never has before.

As I recover from that and prepare for the inevitable assault and battery involved in open heart surgery, I am trying to soothe and protect my mind, body, and soul from the assault and battery of worry and stress.

Here are some worrying and stressful things that can feel like assault and battery to me:

  1. Dealing with bureaucracies.
  2. Financial issues.
  3. Disrespect.
  4. Ignorance.
  5. Discrimination.
  6. Rigidity.
  7. Cruelty.
  8. Illness.
  9. Hopelessness.
  10. Guilt.
  11. Shame.

What feels like assault and battery to you?

When you feel assaulted, salted, or battered, what helps?

My hope is that some of the photos I took yesterday might help you as much as they are helping me:









Taking what you need — a very effective way to reduce assault, salt, and battery.

If you haven’t gotten all you need yet from this blog, here’s another antidote to assault and battery — some dancing salts on stage:


Thanks to my son Aaron (in the center of that battery of dancers) and everyone else who helped me create today’s salt-and-battery post. A special battery of thanks to you — of course! — for visiting this salty blogger, here and now.


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Day 119: I woke up differently, this morning

Waking up, this morning, felt different.

Here’s what I noticed:

Even though I was having some anxiety-based dreams, right before I awoke (where I was trying to find my way through a huge concrete compound, with lots of elevators, accompanied by people whose motives and feelings towards me were ambiguous, at best) …

Even though I usually access worries or problem-solving as I am first waking up  …

This morning, I awoke towards peace.

And when my thoughts first turned towards this blog post (moments after awakening), the title that occurred to me was, “How to Move Towards Peace,”  because I wanted to share this feeling and my newly hatched “wisdom” about it.

But I’m not sure whether I have the wisdom, yet, to formulate a “How To.”

For now, I just want to express gratitude that my natural inclination, this morning, was to move toward peace, to find moments of it before and as I was reaching consciousness, and to know that I might encounter moments of that in others, today.

I don’t need to encounter it today, but I am open to seeing it.  In this moment, I feel open to seeing  everything else I encounter today.

Including my son, who just woke up.

Thanks for meeting me here, today.

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