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Day 1493: Lists

Yesterday, I made several lists, including:

  1. a list of questions to ask my cardiologist, Dr. Deeb Salem, at our appointment today,
  2. a list of the roles I occupy in my life, because we were discussing roles in my therapy group yesterday, and
  3. a list of the things that make me feel bad, because I was feeling bad last night.

Well, at least I wasn’t listless.

Do you make lists?  What kinds of lists do you make?

On my list of “How to Create a Daily Blog Post” is sharing my latest photos.









On my list of favorite classical composers is Franz Liszt.  Did you know his last name is pronounced “List”?  My son, who is always on my gratitude list, likes to play this Liszt composition on the piano:

When I was my son’s age, that was on my playlist, too.

On my gratitude list this morning are my son Aaron, my boyfriend Michael (for the delicious bluefish last night and so much more), Dr. Salem, Franz Liszt, Valentina Lisitsa, people who heal in groups, orchids, lists that help me move on, and — of course! — YOU.

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