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Day 800: Numbers

When I started writing 1 blog per day on Day 1, I never dreamed I would reach 800 consecutive posts.

Here are 3  questions on my mind, right now:

Why does it feel 100% easier for me to write any of these 800 blog posts than to gather the numbers  I need to do my yearly taxes? Why have I spent dozens of years feeling anxiety before 4/15, no matter what those tax numbers are? Why is my worry so numerically high about making mistakes with numbers?

As I have countlessly reminded myself and others: Naturally we make mistakes with numbers. Numbers are not our native language.

I have at least a half-dozen  tasks today, including:

  1. Conducting 1 individual therapy session at work,
  2. Facilitating  1 group therapy session with more than 2 and less than 6 members,
  3. Receiving my more than 20th and less than 100th pre-teeth cleaning antibiotic  IV (that stands for IntraVenous, not the Latin # 4),
  4. Getting a cleaning for each one of my 24 teeth,
  5. Driving my 1 17-year-old son to a 4-hour rehearsal of a play, for which he is running lights for the 1st time,
  6. Meeting with a tax preparer for the 2nd time in 2 years, with more than 10 and less than 25 documents.

Until 5 minutes ago, there was 1 number I could not locate for my tax preparation, even though I looked in all 3 likely locations. When I looked for the 4th time just now, I found it. 

Now I feel 100% prepared and ready for the day, even though there’s a 100% chance I am not perfectly prepared, numerically or otherwise. Nevertheless, on a scale of 1 to 10, I feel like  a 10!

Here are 6 photos I took yesterday between the hours of 8 and 6:

Here are 6 photos I took after 6, when I was looking for numbers around me:

3 people in my 1 therapy group yesterday were speculating how many days or months it would take all the snow in Boston to melt. What do you think that number is, based on these 3 photos from yesterday ?

In other words, how many more days will I have to wear 2 of these 100% waterproof boots?

How many seconds after I got home last night was I greeted by 1 cat?

As usual, my (1) curiosity + (2) love for guessing games = n  questions.

Here are 2 number-based numbers I heard yesterday:

That is Pat Metheny’s 5-5-7 and Tommy 2Tone’s 867-5309.

Why did I have 0% trouble remembering those numbers perfectly?

Do you have more than 1 thought or feeling about the numbers or words in this 800th post?  (I wonder what # of comments I’ll get, below.)

Thousands of thanks to the countless number of people, animals, and things helping me write today’s and 799 yesterdays of posts and — of course! — special thanks to you, for reading the hundreds of words and numbers here, today.

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