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Day 2288: WTF?

WTF?  Five years ago, I unquestionably wrote another WTF post.

Today, the “F” in “WTF?” has another meaning.



WTF?  What’s the flavor of each of my other photos from yesterday?







WTF?  Personally, I have an intense craving for the flavors of nature. Why The F aren’t we all out there enjoying those Wonderful Terrific Flavors on this precious day? WTF? Who The F knows how many days we have left?

Here’s “The WTF Singalong” on YouTube:

What’s The Favorite comment on that video? WTF? It’s not this one:

There are no lyrics. But I didn’t need em. The song connected with me on a metaphysical level.

WTF? Why The F is it so difficult for me to write a Letter from the President for my professional organization’s  semiannual  newsletter when I can write a blog post here every day?  WTF? And  Why The F is it so difficult to remember the difference between semiannual and biannual?

WTF are you going to comment  on, below?

Where’s Thanks From me for all WTF’s in this post?

WTF? Where’s That Foto?

Widespread Thanks Follow …



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Day 1916: Time Matzahs On

“Time matzahs on” is something my late father used to say during Passover, which started last night.

Here are some timely and matzah-related images from last night’s seder at my sister Ellen’s.







It’s time for two versions of that song — the original and one with matzah.

As time matzahs on, I’ve had a ball at many seders and many baseball games at Fenway park in Boston.

I look forward to your comments, with or without matzahs or puns.

So matzah thanks to Ellen, her spouse Linda, my cousin Lani, Michael, my late father,  my late mother, dramaramasam,  everybody else who helped me write this “Time Matzahs On” post and — of course! — everybody who matzahs over to this blog to read it, including YOU.


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Day 1561: Everyday pick-me-ups

Every day, I look for pick-me-ups that I can pick up and share in this blog. Here’s one I picked up yesterday:


I’ve picked up from picky people that everyday pick-me-ups are particularly helpful on Mondays. Therefore, I’m picking these pick-me-ups for you, today.













When you become part of the universe and the universe becomes part of you, is that a pick-me-up? If not, what are your everyday pick-me-ups?

My sister, who is always one of my pick-me-ups, offered to pick me up later today and drive me and Michael to a Passover Seder at my cousin Lani’s house.

I wonder what pick-me-ups I’ll have to share with you tomorrow.

For now, I need to pick me up from this blogging chair and go to the Honda Dealership to see if I can pick me up a new tire. Then, I hope to pick the right things to say to provide pick-me-ups for people at work.

Here‘s a pick-me-up song I found on YouTube:

I forgot to pick up a picture of gratitude yesterday, so here are some grateful pick-me-ups from previous posts:

Thanks to all who helped me create this pick-me-up post and to you — of course! — for picking me up with your visit to this everyday blog.

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Day 1210: Nature vs. nurture

It is my nature to nurture understanding and clarity, so I shall now use the nurturing capabilities of the internet to explain “nature vs. nurture.”

Image result for nature vs nurture
One of the oldest arguments in the history of psychology is the Nature vs Nurture debate. Each of these sides have good points that it’s really hard to decide whether a person’s development is predisposed in his DNA, or a majority of it is influenced by this life experiences and his environment.
As nature shows its beauty in Boston this weekend, I am nurturing many thoughts about nature vs nurture, today, because yesterday …
  • I saw the movie Zooptopia
  • I went to a large Passover seder where people talked about their passions, their pasts, and how nurturing elements in their lives have allowed them to overcome unhelpful aspects of their natures.
  • My boyfriend Michael and I had a conversation where he said, “I seem to be genetically disposed to not make money” and I said “I seem to be genetically disposed to not become famous.”

It seems natural, at this point,  to express my hope that this post is nurturing you to comment about any thoughts, feeling, or experiences you might have about nature vs. nurture.

Nurturing readers probably know  it’s my nature to take photos intuitively and then share them in this daily blog.



If your nature is to ask questions about anything in this post, my nature is to nurture that natural curiosity.

Because my nature loves the natural beauty of spring, I shall nurture that love of nature by appreciating the beautiful weather  outside today.

Before I do, here‘s a nurturing, natural musical interpretation of the nature of New England spring, by the late Dan Gibson:


Natural and nurturing thanks to all who helped me create this post and — naturally! — special thanks to you for visiting, here and now.

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Day 830: Keeping track

When I do my “Coping and Healing” therapy groups at work (and I did two of those yesterday), we keep track of the themes that track throughout  the group discussion.

Here are a few of those, from last night’s group:

If you are keeping track of my blog posts, you might know there are certain aspects of Boston weather that derail me, like

  • how long the winters last,
  • how much snow we get (especially this year), and
  • how agonizingly beautiful and short the spring — my favorite season — seems, especially in comparison to the agonizing-for-other-reasons winters.

Last year, I went off track during spring — for over a month — because I got pneumonia.

This year, I’ll be going off track during spring — for a week, my doctors think — because I’ll be getting surgery, which we hope will keep my heart on track for a good while.

I’ve obviously taken a track, here, away from the group themes I showed you above.

Or have I?

No matter what track we’re on right now, did you lose track of that first item shown above on my group white board ?

If you keep track of Passover, you’ll know that hail is one of the 10 plagues visited upon the ancient Egyptians, convincing them to release its Hebrew inhabitants from slavery.

This week, hail was visited upon the modern Bostonians, which did NOT release its inhabitants from the slavery of unseasonably cold and miserable weather. Indeed, if you kept track of my post yesterday, you might have seen this:

Because I keep track of my thoughts (if not my photos ) I can tell you what I was thinking when I snapped that picture:

All these birds are beautiful and IT’S FRIGGIN’ HAILING ON APRIL 8.

Ever since my heart went into atrial fibrillation in the fall of 2013, my doctors have been asking me to keep track of my weight, every day. They want to keep track of me, in case I start going in to heart failure.

I resisted keeping track that way, until this week. After all, who wants to keep track of:

  • their weight, especially if they aren’t on the same weight track they were on when they were young and/or
  • any kind of failure?

As oft happens,  I’m not sure what kind of track I’m on there. That weight gain could mean

  • Indications of heart failure and/or
  • too much fried matzo and matzo ball soup.

I guess I’ll call my doctors so we can keep on keeping track of things, together.

In case you want to keep track of what’s going on under those numbers, here it is:

Yes, it’s a stool that looks like a jellyfish.

Years ago, when I was keeping track of my son Aaron’s Halloween costumes, I posted this 2007 video on YouTube:

Lest you think I’ve totally lost track here, that video shows Aaron in a jellyfish costume I made for him, when I temporarily lost track of my usual belief that I cannot make good costumes.

Because I’m also keeping track of the time this morning, here’s a well-enough-on-track tune for you all.

That’s “Doctor My Eyes” by Jackson Browne, keeping track on YouTube.

Many thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for keeping track of me, today.

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