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Day 1947: Notice

I notice a lot.  For example, I notice that food advertisers (suppliers and restaurants)  often portray  animals they’re serving as very happy that they’re about to be eaten.  Did you ever notice that?


What do you notice about that lobster?

I also notice certain words, like “notice.”


I just noticed that I used the word “notice” in yesterday’s post.

I also notice that certain words stand out for me.  What word do you notice in this next photo?


I noticed the word “paranoid” —  that’s why I took that photo. Maybe I noticed “paranoid” because

  • I’m a psychotherapist,
  • I’m capable of being paranoid (especially when I’m sleep deprived or very hungry), and
  • people who notice a lot might get more paranoid than people who don’t notice things.

I notice that I took only three photos yesterday.

I also notice that when people quit, it’s called “giving notice.” Notice that I don’t have time this morning to explore why that is.  However, I notice that my loyal reader (and fabulous blogger) Christopher, who also notices a lot, often looks up word and phrase derivations.  We’ll notice  if Chris discovers anything about “giving notice.”  Even if he doesn’t, he’s worthy of notice and so are you.

I notice that it’s time for me to share some music.

I notice that it’s the first day of May, the month my son will be coming home from University in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Notice that “Rock Lobster” is by The B-52s, one of my son’s favorite bands when he was a little kid.

If you leave a comment, I’ll definitely notice.

Notice that I always end with gratitude to all who help me create these posts and — of course! — to YOU.


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