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Day 2201: Some observation techniques

Yesterday, at the Animal Kingdom section of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, USA, I observed this sign:

I’m wondering if you can use your observation techniques to spot some observable clothing, birds, mammals, amphibians, fish, humans, plants, the land of Pandora from the movie “Avatar,” and any other things you observe as interesting in these photos:

Did you use your observation techniques to spot an enormous bull frog, a beautiful animal in the lower left corner of a mural depicting a herd of that same kind of animal, the topsy-turvy picture, or this child’s drawing?

As far as I can observe, that’s a picture of a hippo saying “Don’t hunt me” and/or “Don’t hurt me.”

We are using our observation techniques today to observe that several of us got food poisoning last night, so we are spending more time today using our observational techniques in our hotel rooms. My observation is that we will probably all be okay by tomorrow.

Please use your observation techniques to check in again tomorrow. For now

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