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Day 1868: More than a million of us are hurting.

When I was hurting yesterday, I noticed a sign at my local pharmacy.


More than a million of us are hurting, every day.

When you are hurting, does it help to know you are not alone and that more than a million of us are hurting?  Or does that  make the hurting worse? Maybe it’s just me, but knowing that more than a million of us are hurting helps AND hurts.

More than a million of us are hurting and sharing photos.











I may not be happier than a pigeon with a french fry, but maybe I’ll be happier after I try that Kinesiology Tape on my hurting shoulder.

More than a million of us have watched “Jazz for Cows” on YouTube.

More than a million thanks to my friend Eleanor (who recommended I try the Kinesiology Tape),  CVS, cows, cat, birds, jazz, The New Hot 5, everybody else who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — YOU.



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Day 156: Taking in what’s out there

There are certain things that are difficult for me to take in, for whatever reason.

I’m working on being more open to perceiving them, and allowing them in.

I could write about many things, in this regard, but i’m going to focus on one.

The love that’s out there.

I have trouble “reading” it, sometimes.  I’m afraid of it. Afraid of needing it. Afraid I’ll see it when it isn’t there, and then be disappointed and bereft. Afraid of losing it, once I see it and believe it.

Sometimes, when I’m feeling good, I see love everywhere. In everything.

I see it when I take a detour, walking to work:


In the bunny in the backyard:


In the faces of people “on my team“:


In people I’ve just met:



In people I’ve known, for a long, long time:



I see it in messages people leave for others:


And in messages I leave to myself:


What makes all that love so difficult to take in?

Disappointment.  Anger. Pain.

That’s been my experience.

At the same time, in my work, I try to make it very, very clear that I invite — that I whole-heartedly welcome —  those very things: people’s disappointment, anger, and pain.

I think that’s essential, for healing. To believe that those things are finally welcomed by somebody. To feel those things. And to clear the way, leaving room for everything that’s out there.

Including those things that are so hard to see, sometimes.

I guess this post is done, for today.  Thanks for reading, everybody.

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