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Day 1142: All you need

All you need to know about today’s title is that I saw it in a supermarket last night.


Is that all you need?  I need more, including  an explanation of why and how Lane Ground Biscuits are all I need.

Writing my blog post each day is all I need to get going every morning.

Many people believe that all you need is right there, in every present moment.

When I go into a room at the Philadelphia Convention Center on February 21, with many other people, to try out for “The Voice,” all I need is this:

When I’m breathing in to sing, I will remember to take in all I need from the universe, including the good wishes of my family, friends, and readers.

All I need, now, is to see if the  photos I took yesterday are all we need, for this blog post.











All I need, in order to finish packing for my train trip on Thursday, is to get Oscar off my suitcase.

What is all you need, in the present moment?

All I need to end this post is to thank all of those who helped me write it and all of you, no matter what your needs are.


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