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Day 1594: Fun with Phobias, Part 4

During my second year of blogging, I wrote three “Fun with Phobias” posts (here, here, and here). While phobias —  extreme or irrational fears or aversions — aren’t fun, I have fun making up names for my own personal fears, like tax-o-phobia, pill-o-phobia, spill-o-phobia, pack-o-phobia, and pantrymoth-o-phobia.

When I read over my previous “Fun with Phobias” posts, I was surprised to see what was missing (and by the way, miss-o-phobia was NOT missing).

Technophobia: The fear of (1) technology, (2) being left behind by accelerating changes to technology, (3) technology-related problems including viruses and confusing updates, and/or (4) technologically-adept people who make you feel stupid.

I had my latest attack of technophobia earlier this morning when I  downloaded a free version of Adobe Acrobat, decided that version was probably a scam, and deleted it.

Does anybody else out there suffer from technophobia?  Unless you have comment-o-phobia, please let me know, so I can feel less alone.

Let’s see if I took any fun or phobia-related photos yesterday.

I definitely have map-o-phobia (the fear of maps or map-related misunderstandings).




However, I obviously do not have aquaphobia (“a persistent and abnormal fear of water”), because I take so many water-related photos.












I hope you don’t have aquaphobia and can get relief from technophobia, map-o-phobia, or any other phobia with some water music.


Thankfully, I don’t have thank-o-phobia, so I can happily thank all who helped me create another fun-with-phobias post and you — of course! — for your fun visit, here and now.


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Day 930: A Super Fun Day

I had a super fun day yesterday.

What would make a day super fun, for you?

Here are two reasons why yesterday was super fun, for me:

  1. I saw my favorite hair artiste ever, Mia (who is super fun to talk to) , at her Watertown, Massachusetts, USA hair salon, where she trimmed my hair and  my  three super-fun, colorful hair extensions.
  2. My boyfriend Michael and I stumbled upon a super fun festival/carnival, where I saw this:

That was actually the final super fun photo I took yesterday, moments before my super fun iPhone died.

Who wants to see more super fun photos?

I’m going to take that as a “Yes,” super fun readers!



As I told Michael yesterday, it doesn’t take much for me to have a super fun day. Indeed, after eating the super fun home made gnocchi (made at somebody’s super fun home, I assume), I engaged in only one super fun carnival activity (pictured above, in a super fun shot). It was, truly, super fun for me.

If any one of you super fun readers guesses that super fun activity, I’ll include a super fun photo that Michael took, in tomorrow’s post.

Is that a super fun deal?

Oh, and here’s a super fun fact about me: I’m afraid of heights.

Here’s some super fun music, which a fun band was playing at that super fun festival/carnival yesterday:

I think that 1950s video of the super fun song “Rockin’ Robin” with Bobby Day is super fun. Do you agree?

Now, I’m off to have another super fun day, including brunch with my super fun friend, Deb.

Super thanks to Mia, to Michael, to MiAlisa Salon, to the St. Mary of Carmen Society, to all those I saw having super fun yesterday, to Bobby Day,  to robins and others who are rockin’, and to you — of course! — for making my day super fun, every time you visit.

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Day 894: What kind of week was it?

What kind of week was it?

It was a week of relative safety.

It was a week when my hair, among other things, looked blue:


(If it’s a week when you are having trouble reading that blue t-shirt, it says

Everybody is a


but if you judge a


by its ability to

climb a tree,

it will live its

whole life

believing that it is


It was a week when my cardiologist,  Dr. Mark Estes, was pleased with my recovery from my May 4 heart-related surgery.

It was a week when I put aside my fears of singing in public and auditioned  for a musical.

It was a week when I did NOT get  a call-back for that musical.

It was a week when the  “rejection” of not being called back neither dampened my mood nor my hope to perform more in public. While it’s true that I had the

of telling myself I was “rejected” because I could not make any Thursday rehearsals …

…  my rapid recovery from that disappointment may have been the best part of my week.

It was a week when the question “Where’s Waldo?”  was finally answered.

It was a week of lots of work in therapy.


It was a week of many cats.


It was a week of lots of  music.


It was a week of different people and different perspectives.



It was a week of messy and clean.


It was a week of wildlife — fake and real.


It was a week when I attended — and gave a workshop at — a group psychotherapy conference.

It was a week that’s not quite over and which will include — today! — my meeting fellow WordPresser Mark Bialczak and his lovely wife Karen.

It was a week when I sang “Green Finch and Linnet Bird” many times, some better than others:

What kind of week is it, for you?

Many thanks to everyone who helped me create this week-in-review post and special thanks to you — of course! — for being here.

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