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Day 2760: They can’t take that away

Today is our beloved kitty Oscar’s last day on earth.  We have scheduled a “peaceful passing” for him today at 5 PM; it’s unclear whether he will make it to then.  Either way, we know it’s the right decision to let him go.

Many thanks to all my readers for helping us through this painful process.

Last night while spending time with Oscar, who can barely walk and has stopped eating entirely,  I rewrote the lyrics to my favorite song  — “They Can’t Take That Away From Me.”

The way you ate your meal,
The way you meowed off key.
The way you made us feel,
No, no, they can’t take that away from me.

The way you took cat naps,
The way you watched TV.
The way you graced our laps,
No, no, they can’t take that away from me.

We may never, never meet again on this earthly road of love,
But there’ll always always be the memory of

The way you were our cat
The best a cat could be,
The memory of all that
No, no they can’t take that away from me.

No, they can’t take that away from me.

The night before last,  Oscar was gracing my lap as we watched  Fred Astaire  and Ginger Rogers take dancing and singing to a new level with   “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” in the great Rogers-Astaire reunion movie The Barkleys of Broadway.

I wonder how many takes it took to capture that perfect performance.

They can’t take away this memorable comment about that YouTube video:

Daniel Bradford
3 years ago
No matter what happens, they can’t take away your memories.

No matter what happens, they can’t take away the memories of Oscar in this blog and in Oscar’s Facebook page, found here. And they can’t take away the nice comment left yesterday on Oscar’s Facebook page by the veterinarian who consulted with us last night about Oscar’s quality of life.

They can’t take away these photos from yesterday:

They can’t take away any of those memories.

They can’t take away my gratitude for everything, including Oscar and YOU.



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Day 2687: Happy Mother’s Day!

Yesterday, the day before Mother’s Day, I was happy to look at all the posts on our cat Oscar’s  Facebook page, including this one from four years ago:




Here’s another post from Oscar’s Facebook page that I’m especially happy to share on Mother’s Day:





This mother of Aaron will be happy to share more posts from Oscar’s Facebook page (which has the title “Oscarthenonjudgmentalcat”) over the coming days.

In the meantime, let’s celebrate Mother’s Day on this Polar Vortex weekend with these photos taken yesterday by a mother:
















You may call me nuts, but it’s made me very unhappy to witness many wonderful mothers shamed (by others and themselves) for being “fat” or “old.” Therefore, I posted this selfie yesterday on my Facebook page yesterday with the caption “Does this mask make me look fat?”


And I posted this one with the caption “Does this mask make me look old?”


That seemed to make some mothers and others happy.

This recent Jimmy Kimmel segment with texts from celebrities’ mothers made this blogging mother happily laugh out loud:

Jimmy Kimmel says at the end of that edition of Mom Texts, “Happy worst Mother’s Day ever.” Do you agree? If you give this mother the gift of a comment below, it will make me  happy.

Thanks to all the mothers and others who help me happily create this blog, every day!




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Day 2449: Easy for people to get in touch

Yesterday, when I was trying to make it easy for me to get in touch with

  • people I love,
  • all my feelings,
  • confidence,
  • hope,
  • needs,
  • support,
  • strength,
  • vulnerability,
  • adventure,
  • being prepared for my speech at my college reunion next week,
  • recovery from an inappropriate encounter, and
  • the present moment,

… it was easy for me to get in touch with these two notifications on my touch screen:


I don’t know if adding a phone number to Oscar’s Facebook page would make it easy for people to get in touch, since Oscar doesn’t talk on the phone.

It’s easy for people to get in touch with my life because I share so many photos, like these:

















It’s easy for me to get in touch with Oscar, Harley,  and all of my photos, for now.

Thanks to YouTube and Spotify, it’s easy for me to get in touch with music I love.

It’s easy for people to get in touch with the comments about that live performance of “Song for Bilbao” by the Pat Metheny Group, including these:

Noemi Zaffanella
2 years ago (edited)
I heard Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays since I was 6. I remember my mum when she told me that pat’s music is ever green. It’s true, I’m 19 now and I listen pat metheny every day for 13 years.

Steve Tocco
4 years ago
They’re all exceptional artists and I’m convinced Antonio Sanchez is not human.

Steven Reichert
3 years ago
A stage full of geniuses.

Luiz Janela
4 years ago
Heard trumpet sound, came to see if it was Pat soloing, but this time i was wrong. Great Cuong Vu. Beautiful!

5 years ago
Lets not forget Mr. Steve Rodby this guy sure keeps a smooth steady pulse love his groove PMG pls get back together …plssss

Joyce Sweeting
4 years ago
Pat becomes one with his guitar …you gotta luv it! 🙂

4 years ago
This is the first time I’ve heard this…

My mind is blown.

Fabio Copponi
4 years ago
Bona’s solo is a piece of magic…the calls to old jazz pieces are fantastic

edward shivers
4 years ago

Sometimes it’s easy for people to get in touch with appreciation.

Here and now, it’s easy for me to get in touch with my appreciation for the cats, pop-up shopping experiences, the Pat Metheny Group, the beauty surrounding me, and — of course! — YOU.



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Day 999: Nein, nein, nein

Did you think I wouldn’t notice there were three nines in today’s post number?

Nein, nein, nein.  I noticed, noticed, noticed.

Is it possible that I didn’t think about this post last night, before I went to bed?

Nein, nein, nein. I thought, a little.

Was this the first title I thought of last night?

Nein, nein, nein.  The first title I thought of, last night, was “To the 9’s.”  Did I consider using that title today?

Nein, nein, nein.  I’ve already used that title before, in this blog post.

Did I use the title “To the 9’s”  for posts #99, #199, #299, #399, #499, #599, #699, #799, #899, or any another post I’ve written with a 9 in it?

Nein, nein, nein.  That nine-oriented title was for a post number that had NO 9’s in it, at all.

Do I know how I’m going to celebrate reaching my 1000th post tomorrow?

Nein, nein, nein. I’m not even sure what else I’m going to write today.

Am I going to include 999 photos in this post?

Nein, nein, nein. All 25 photos I took yesterday have no 9s* in them (as far as I know).

IMG_5241IMG_5242  IMG_5243IMG_5244IMG_5245IMG_5246IMG_5247IMG_5248IMG_5249IMG_5250IMG_5251IMG_5252IMG_5253IMG_5254IMG_5255IMG_5256IMG_5257IMG_5258IMG_5260IMG_5261IMG_5262IMG_5263IMG_5264IMG_5265 IMG_5267

Did I have any idea how I was going to incorporate those 25 photos into today’s post, when I was taking them yesterday?

Nein, nein, nein.

Is there anything else Inquisitive Ann wants to say about those photos?

Da, da, da.**  Those two guys in photos number 23 and 24  are Cameron and Nick, friends of my son Aaron. Has Nick appeared in this blog before, as himself?  Nein, nein, nein. However, he HAS appeared in “Serious Economics,” an amazing play that Aaron and Cameron wrote (and which you can watch in its entirety, here).

When I asked Cameron and Nick last night if they followed our cat Oscar’s Facebook page, Cameron said, “Da”** and Nick said, “Nein,” but not in German.**

Am I going to include music today that has the word “nine” or “nein” in the title?

Nein, nein, nein. Instead, I’m going to include an incredibly intricate number from A Little Night Music, which Aaron and I will be seeing today in Boston.  Is that performance at 9?  Nein, nein, nein.  It’s at 2 PM.

Every number in A Little Night Music is some form of the waltz, with three beats per measure. Since there are three different waltzes intertwined in “Now/Later/Soon” and 3×3 = 9 ……  might I say that I’ve finally achieved a “9” in this post?*

Only you, the reader, can say.

Nine hundred ninety-nine thanks to all those who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for being 99% awesome (because nobody’s perfect).

* Actually, after I published this post, I realized that Ted Williams, the Red Sox player whose statue appears in the background of the very first photo in this #999 post, wore the number 9.

** Did I study German or Russian in school?  Nein, nein, nein.  Did I study Latin?  Ja, ja, ja.

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Day 987: Sweet Babies

This is the first photo I took yesterday, on Sunday morning:


Soon after that, I saw lots of sweet things, some of which I call “Baby.”

IMG_4817 IMG_4816 IMG_4819

That last sweet picture is of my sweet baby, Aaron, whom I picked up yesterday at his father’s house. Even though Aaron is 17 year old, he sweetly says he doesn’t mind when I sweetly call him “Baby.”

Aaron and I — along with our wonderful and sweet relatives Deborah, Laura, and Victoria — had tickets yesterday to see Anthony Rapp from the sweet musical “Rent” performing “Without You” in Wellesley, a suburb of Boston USA where, I’m sure, there are several sweet babies. Here are some sweet babies I photographed at Deborah’s sweet home in Arlington, Massachusetts, before that sweet performance:

IMG_4822  IMG_4823

IMG_4821IMG_4824  IMG_4827 IMG_4828

That sweet cat sculpture was created by Aaron’s father and my ex-husband Leon, before we had our sweet baby. Leon also built this sweet chimney at his current home:


Some people are sweetly talented.

Before we saw “Without You” at the Babson College Sorenson Theater, Aaron and Deborah munched on these sweet babies:


Those are pumpkin munchkins, for my sweet readers who are unfamiliar with sweet Dunkin’ Donuts, which has been around in Boston since many of us here have been sweet babies.

Here’s the sweet set of “Without You”:


As you can see, the musicians backing up Anthony Rapp included a sweet guitarist, bassist, and keyboardist. There was also a sweet drummer and a sweet cello player.

I didn’t take any photos during Anthony Rapp’s amazing and moving  reminiscings about two important deaths — his mother’s and Jonathan Larson’s (the creator of Rent) — as well as his experiences auditioning and performing as a lead in that breakthrough musical.  I could have captured a lot of sweetly authentic and exhilarating moments yesterday, but — from the time I was a sweet baby —  I’ve always been sweetly obedient to instructions like “No photographs during the performance.”  I will sweetly report to you now that Anthony Rapp sang his sweet heart out,  performing songs from Rent as well as wonderful songs he and other sweetly talented people composed for “Without You.” During the performance, a sweet baby in the audience was crying, but somebody sweetly took the baby out of the theater, after Anthony Rapp sweetly and very appropriately requested that.

After the performance, my sweet baby Aaron spotted one of the cast members who had been in the incredibly sweet and excellent performance of Rent we saw last month at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

IMG_4836 IMG_4837 IMG_4838

Joseph Spinelli sweetly allowed me to take those sweet photos of him. He also expressed sweet interest in my sweet baby Aaron’s stand-up comedy performances. Joseph was with a sweet older woman whom he resembled. I think he might have been her sweet baby, but I wasn’t sweet enough to check that out.

Here’s Anthony Rapp, who sweetly spoke to every person in the audience who stayed after “Without You” to meet him.

IMG_4839 IMG_4840

Anthony sweetly told me he remembered talking to me in Edinburgh, when I was crying sweet tears because I was so sweetly moved by the production of Rent we both attended last month. Joseph Spinelli sweetly told us that Anthony Rapp was artistic director of that production, which we didn’t know until yesterday.  All I can say is that Anthony Rapp is sweetly talented in so many ways, and also a very sweet guy.

When my sweet baby Aaron and I got home last night, we saw my sweet boyfriend (whom I also call “Baby,” sweetly enough) for five sweet minutes, before Michael had to leave for five days, to sweetly help out his sweet brother Martin with Martin’s sweet catering business. Boy, am I going to miss that sweet Michael, until he returns on sweet Friday.

Here are my last sweet thoughts for this Sweet Babies post:

Yesterday morning, I thought the sweet song for today would be “Sweet Baby James” by the sweetly singing James Taylor.

I also want to sweetly include “Without You” from Rent, which Anthony Rapp sang so sweetly and powerfully yesterday.

Sweet thanks to all my sweet babies, to Anthony Rapp, to Joseph Spinelli, to James Taylor, to all those who have inspired and helped us live our sweet lives since we were sweet babies, and to you — of course! — for bringing your sweet self here, today.

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