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Day 2837: Stranger Danger

Have you ever experienced a stranger time with so much danger? Above all, there is danger because of the stranger in the White House.

Do you see stranger danger in today’s images?

I am having an echocardiogram today at 3 to discover whether COVID-19 has damaged my heart, which is stranger than yours. Everyone will be wearing masks during this procedure, so that strangers won’t cause danger to each other. Even though masks might make us look and feel stranger, it’s the strangest behavior in the world not to wear one to reduce danger to oneself and others.

The stranger in the White House is endangering countless lives of strangers with his stranger and stranger behavior. If you are voting for him, nothing is stranger to me.

Truth is stranger than fiction, and “Stranger in Town” from Pat Metheny’s Orchestrion showed up in my headphones yesterday when I was taking my “Stranger Danger” photos.

What are your thoughts and feelings about this Stranger Danger post?

Thanks to all the friends and strangers who help me create this daily blog, which reduces my danger during these stranger and stranger times.

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Day 2334: Based on a true story

All my blog posts are based on a true story, so it’s true that I love starting today’s blog post with a true image from my true friend Barbara’s truly lovely home.


Yesterday, Barbara

  • went with me to see guitarist Pat Metheny for Barbara’s first time,
  • had the best fish dish of her entire life,
  • took selfies of herself and her friend of sixty-three years (me),
  • swapped amazing stories with her friend,
  • admired the gorgeous concert venue in Rockport Massachusetts,
  • experienced the wonder of synchronicity,
  • was, as usual, a wonderful friend,
  • enjoyed many adventures, and

these are all true stories!

We have proof that these stories are true, because of all these true photographs:






































Barbara and I both agreed that we truly enjoyed Pat last night especially when he involved more instruments than just one solo guitar. I told her the true story of his development of his own incredible Orchestrion, of which he had a small sample on stage with him last night.  I also told her the true story of how I saw Pat play at the Orpheum theater in Boston a decade ago when his Orchestrion album came out, and how truly amazing that was.  She wished she could have seen more of that, so this is truly for you, Barbara:


I’m looking forward to all your true stories, below.

My gratitude is always based on true stories, so thanks to Barbara,  to true friendship, to Pat Metheny, to all who helped me create today’s true post and — truly! — to YOU.




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989: Expansion

I’ve been noticing many different types of expansion lately, including:

  • the expansion of tasks and obligations to fill every available moment, unless I consciously and continually reserve time for self-care,
  • building and construction expansions near where I work in Boston,
  • the expansion of the number of classmates attending my high school reunion this coming Saturday,
  • the expansion of hope for people who feel supported by others in therapy,
  • the possible expansion of my group therapy practice to include people who do not have doctors at the Boston teaching hospital where I work, and
  • this great tune by Pat Metheny, which expanded three times yesterday through my earphones during my expansive walks to and from work:

When I saw Pat Metheny appear on stage alone playing “Expansion” — surrounded by the expansion of all those incredible new instruments in his Orchestrion  — that expanded my mind, my heart, and my soul.  If you’d like any expansion of your knowledge and understanding about Pet Metheny’s  Orchestrion, I’ve expansively included  this link.

Today, I’m facing the expansion of all these tasks and obligations:

  1. Individual therapy where I work,
  2. Group therapy where I work,
  3. Checking out office space, as I possibly expand my therapy practice,
  4. Meeting all of my son’s new teachers (who I hope will be contributing to the expansion of his fine mind and understanding of the world around us), and
  5. A board meeting of the Northeast Society of Group Psychotherapy, an organization which contributes to the expansion of group therapy practice around here.

I think every photo I took yesterday, while I was listening to “Expansion,” relates to the title of today’s post.


IMG_4868IMG_4869 IMG_4871IMG_4875 IMG_4876IMG_4879 IMG_4880 IMG_4883 IMG_4885 IMG_4887 IMG_4888 IMG_4890 IMG_4891 IMG_4892 IMG_4894 IMG_4895 IMG_4899 IMG_4900  IMG_4903 IMG_4904 IMG_4907 IMG_4909 IMG_4910 IMG_4908 IMG_4911  IMG_4916 IMG_4919

If you were going to choose one of those images to represent “Expansion,” which one would it be?

If you have any thoughts or feelings about the expansions expanding in this post, I hope you expansively leave a comment in the expanse below.

An expansion of gratitude to Pat Metheny; to people who explore the expansion of hopes and options in individual and group therapy; to  teachers everywhere who contribute to the expansion of young minds; to every person, place, organization, animal, and thing that expands my universe; and to you — of course!  — for the expanse of time you spent here, today.

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