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Day 90: How I got back to sleep last night (featuring selling and sound effects)

Good morning!

Even though I often wake up feeling uneasy, this morning I woke up feeling pretty centered, relaxed, and optimistic.

I woke up in the  middle of the night, too.  (I’ve posted about mid-night awakenings and other sleep challenges,  like here, here, and here).  And I came up with some ideas, after waking up,  about how to get back to sleep.  I liked those ideas, to the extent that I thought, “I’d like to blog about that tomorrow.”

(Hmmmm.  It’s a weekend blog; therefore, I feel a digression coming on.  And what I would LOVE, right now, is  a sound effect for digression.  How about a quick day-dream-y harp?)

Digression about Selling

I’m STM (Smiling to Myself) right now, because I’ve noticed that the first few paragraphs of this post sound like I might be trying to sell you something. The language reminds me of the beginnings of advertising pitches: “I USED to have THIS PROBLEM. And then, I TRIED THIS.”

And just yesterday, I wrote about selling, fears about being taken advantage of, and how that can screw up  interpersonal connection.

But let’s face it, I try to sell people things, too.  We all do, don’t we?  Passing on advice or ideas is a kind of selling, even though the focus of giving advice (and of this blog) is not generating money.  Here’s a definition of “selling”, from the Free Dictionary:

1. To exchange or deliver for money or its equivalent.

2. To offer for sale, as for one’s business or livelihood: The partners sell textiles.

3. To give up or surrender in exchange for a price or reward: sell one’s soul to the devil.

4. To be purchased in (a certain quantity); achieve sales of: a book that sold a million copies.

5. a. To bring about or encourage sales of; promote: Good publicity sold the product. b. To cause to be accepted; advocate successfully: We sold the proposal to the school committee.

6. To persuade (another) to recognize the worth or desirability of something: They sold me on the idea.

I’m focusing on that last definition, which fits best.

As much as I think of myself as a Person Who Does Not Like To Give Advice (even though I’m a therapist!), I do like to persuade people — especially if it’s about something valuable I’ve learned.  So even if I do lose my investment  in the results of my persuasion — whether it actually helps somebody or not —   it’s still a kind of selling (according to Definition #6).

I mean, geesh!  Even linking to another blog post (as I have, several times, in this post) is an attempt at persuading you. When I link like that, I am essentially saying, “This is something else you might find helpful.”

So, in conclusion, Ladies and Gentleman of the Blog-o-Sphere, I am selling, too (according to Definition #6), even if it’s just Something That Might Help.

(Okay, now I want a sound effect to indicate the end of a digression, and a return to the point before the digression.)  (How about a gong?)

End of Digression About Selling

So here’s what helped me last night, when I woke up in the middle of the night.

I asked myself these questions (and gave brief responses!):

(1)  Is anything worrying you?

(2) If there is, what is it?

(3) Is it really something to worry about? That is, might you be safer than you think?

(4) Is it something that could be attended to right now?

(5) If so, could you do something quickly, as a next step?

(6) If not, could you make a quick note about it?

I didn’t have a pad of paper by my bed (or my cell phone) to make a note (which seemed like an important part of the process to me). Nevertheless, I got back to sleep pretty quickly.

And I woke up feeling pretty centered, relaxed, and optimistic.

That’s the data, folks.

I’m going to put my cell phone within reach tonight, before I go to sleep, and try this (one weird trick) again.

Thanks for reading!

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Day 77: Try this one weird trick

It’s funny to me what language keeps recurring in the ads that show up on my computer screen.  Do these sound familiar?

  • Try this one weird trick to ______ (lose weight, get rid of wrinkles, sleep better, learn ten languages)!
  • Experts hate her!  Find out how this Boston woman figured out how to (lose weight, get rid of wrinkles, sleep better, learn ten languages)!

I suppose people keep using this language because it works — the advertisers MUST be getting clicks.

And it IS appealing to believe that one trick, accessible to everybody,  will solve everything.   And in order for ONE trick to work that well, it would HAVE to be weird.

I don’t know if I have one weird trick, for you or for myself.

However, I am going to write a short post tonight, which I hope will have something helpful in it.

Today was a wonderful, scary, and exciting day, where I got to do many new things at work.  These new things involved being more focused on patient care in new ways.

I’m not going to write details about this, but I will say that I was able to help and witness a medical practice being more responsive to patient needs, in new and creative ways. And I found this very moving and energizing.

This morning, before I went to work, I recognized that I was feeling a higher level of stress and anxiety, because (1) I was going to be doing a lot of new things and (2) these new things felt very important.

I wasn’t afraid of failure.  But I did passionately want success.

So I said a few things to myself this morning, before I left for the day.

Which I’m having trouble remembering now! And I know that what I told myself really, really helped.

So maybe that was The One Weird Trick!  And I didn’t write it down.  Oh, no, dear reader!

Wait a minute. Here’s my best guess at what I told myself this morning:

Be as much in the moment as you can, and let go of judgment.

Actually, I think that is pretty close to what I said to myself this morning.  And it helped. Then, after I left the house, I said some other things to myself, including:

Take your time.

You don’t need to be perfect at this immediately.

There are people in your organization that will help you do this.

All those things helped, too.   It was a good day.

(And experts didn’t hate me.)

Thanks for reading.

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