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Day 3296: Numbers

I’ve written numbers of blog posts about numbers during the last 3,296 days, although I am not sure what that exact number is.

I was thinking about numbers today because of the rising numbers of COVID cases worldwide. Because the Omicron variant is so highly contagious, those numbers seem very scary.

I was also thinking of numbers today because every other Sunday I need to check my INR numbers. I check those numbers every other week because I have a mechanical heart valve, so I need to take a number of anti-coagulant pills every day.

The INR numbers, for me, are supposed to be between 2.5 – 3.5. (The INR number for a typical person is supposed to be 1.) If the numbers are too low, my mechanical heart valve might clog and need to be replaced. If the numbers are too high, I might bruise and even bleed internally.

My numbers are usually pretty steady, but sometimes they are a little too high or low. There are very few numbers that have been really scary. But I still get nervous whenever I’m waiting a number of seconds for my home testing machine to give me those numbers every other Sunday.

Here is the number I got this morning:

That is outside the ideal numbers of 2.5 – 3.5, but not by much. My anticoagulant nurse, Veronica, will call my cell phone number tomorrow and, I assume, tell me to eat higher numbers of spinach leaves this week and/or reduce the numbers of pills I take.

Do you see numbers in my other images for today?

Out of those numbers of National Days, I’ll be celebrating National Sunday Supper Day at home with my husband Michael and my son Aaron.

Here’s “Numbers” by Kraftwerk.

Over the years, I’ve taken countless numbers of photos, just so I can end these blog posts with thanks to YOU.

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Day 3295: Contagious

Let’s start this contagious blog post with a definition of “contagious.”

I am surprisingly contagious on Twitter (with more than 20,000 followers there) and I tweeted this yesterday:

The answers included measles, yawning, kindness, hatred, love, Uptown Funk, lies, ignorance, laughter, smiles, misinformation, Kung Fu Fighting, anger, love, stupidity, racism, compliments, rumors, the rockin’ pneumonia and the boogie woogie flu.

I believe that joy is also contagious, which is why I asked this question on Twitter last night:

Do you see anything contagious in my images for today?


I swear that I didn’t know that today was National JoyGerm Day until after I started this contagious blog post. Coincidences and synchronicity are also contagious.

Here’s a contagious song, with dancing:

Here’s another one:

And another one:

Gratitude is also contagious, so catchy thanks to all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU!

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