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Day 3219: What month is this?

Have you been losing track of time? If so, you’re not alone. Perhaps the images in today’s post will help you identify what month this is.

Our cat Joan has had skin and ear problems since we adopted her from a shelter in August, and that’s not baloney. Today, she is celebrating National Food Day without a cone!

Here’s what I find when I search for “What month is it?” on YouTube.

No matter what month it is, I am grateful to YOU!

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Day 3214: What gives you hope?

Because hope is so important, I’ve written several posts about hope (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here) since I started this Daily Blog in 2013.

Yesterday, I noticed hope at the Boston hospital where I work.


And last night, I asked a question about hope on Twitter.


Do my other images for today give you hope?

It gives me hope that the Daily Bitch and I have so much in common.

When I search for “what gives you hope?” on YouTube I find this,



… and this.

What gives you hope?

Kind people like you give me hope every day, so thanks for visiting my blog, here and now.

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Day 3212: Records

Last night, I asked this question about records on Twitter:

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but people share the most amazing thoughts and experiences when they feel safe enough to do so. I also tweeted about these records:

I might also break a record for posting the most photos of places and creatures I love in a blog.

I love imagining breaking the record for most pasta eaten on National Pasta Day.

Here’s the first 45 record I can remember playing over and over again on our record player when I was kid:

If you were to make it into the Guinness Book of Records, what record would you be breaking? For the record, any comment below will do.

Maybe I’ll break the record for most consecutive thank you’s ever expressed in a blog with this post!

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Day 3205: Catching a break

As Joan the cat continues to heal slowly, she’s been catching a break every day from the cone that prevents her from over-grooming the broken skin on her tummy and leg.

There she is, catching a break in her favorite tunnel toy. When we catch her licking the problem area again, we have to catch her and put the cone back on, which breaks my heart. However, Joan seems to be a lot cooler and more comfortable about the cone than I am. She can even catch mice (who can’t seem to catch a break around here) when wearing it.

There’s Joan with cone, catching a break while I’m catching up with my morning routine of writing this blog. I’m imagining that she is suggesting that I catch a break from my worry about her wearing a cone for so long. I know that soon we all will be catching a break when Joan’s cone comes off permanently.

Here’s our other cat, Harley, catching a break from Joan’s relentless efforts to play with him.

Is anybody catching a break in my other images for today?

We hope to be catching a break from our broken shower (which caused a lot of hidden damage) with extensive repairs, including getting new tiles installed. We were catching a break at Home Depot last night checking out the tiles there, including the ones that are already on the bathroom walls.

I’ve been catching a break by sending out tweets on Twitter.

It says a lot about the state of the world that I’m having trouble catching a break no matter how noisy or quiet it is. I’m going to try to catch a break and enjoy any quiet I can find today.

It looks like the Daily Bitch can only catch a break when she gets some pizza.

Is anybody interested in catching a break by singing along to this song?

I look forward to catching any comments you leave about this catching-a-break post, below.

There’s no catching a break from my gratitude, which never stops!

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