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Day 3223: It’s always something

It’s always something (as Gilda Radner’s Roseanne Roseannadanna always said), and it’s always interesting to share it.


It’s always something when people respond with empathy and it’s always something when people really get you.


It’s always something when my husband cooks for us.

That Mexican Lasagna was something!

It’s always something, every day.

It’s always something when a family friend shares a photo of your parents you’ve never seen before.

Here’s something I find when I search YouTube for “it’s always something.”

It’s always something in the comments section, below.

It’s always gratitude at the end of these posts, so thanks for visiting my blog today, which is always something I appreciate!

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Day 3220: Architecture

Because the architecture of this daily blog often includes definitions, I’m starting this post with a definition of “architecture.”

Last night, on Twitter, I asked a question about architecture.

At this point, there are over five hundred responses to that question. I look forward to reading those responses about beloved architecture during a day where I will be seeing some interesting architecture in the Longwood Medical area of Boston.

This morning, coincidentally, I discovered an email about architecture in my mailbox.

Do you see any interesting architecture in my other images for today?

Today I will also be consulting with someone who knows a lot about architecture regarding the structural damage to our home because of our leaking shower.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “architecture.”

This Steely Dan song has one of my favorite lyrics — “the dreary architecture of your soul.”

The architecture of these posts always includes gratitude, so thanks to all who visit here, including YOU!

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Day 3211: Trying to make sense of it all

If you are trying to make sense of today’s title, it’s all about the uncommon sense of the Daily Bitch Calendar.


I keep trying to make sense of it all, which you might sense in my images for today.

If I’m trying to make sense of it all, Global Cat Day and National Sweetest Day seem like good starting points.

Here’s “Trying to Make Sense of It All” by Human Drama

… “Trying to Make Sense of It All” by Chris Freund

… and “We Try to Make Sense of it All” by Hammock, an ambient/post rock band from Nashville.

Are you trying to make sense of it all?

Gratitude helps me make sense of it all, so thanks to all who have the sense to visit this blog, including YOU!

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Day 3208: What’s stuck in your head?

Many things can get stuck in our heads, including

  • songs,
  • what people have said,
  • what people have done,
  • worst fears,
  • negativity,
  • beliefs, and
  • hope.

What’s stuck in my head right now is that I asked several question on Twitter yesterday about things that can get stuck in our heads.

Some things that get stuck in our heads can keep us stuck. I hope we can let go of those things and move on.

Which of these other images might get stuck in your head?

It’s stuck in my head that it might take 42 cups of coffee to pay attention to all the things people are commemorating on October 13, 2021.

Here’s the song that was stuck in my head yesterday:

What’s stuck in your head, here and now?

I hope my gratitude for you sticks in your head today!

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Day 3207: Sports

Two notable and different sports events happened yesterday in Boston: (1) The Boston Marathon (usually held in April) and (2) the Red Sox, against all odds, defeating the Tampa Bay Rays to advance in the American baseball playoffs. Here’s some reporting from ESPN about the unlikely Red Sox win:

I never played sports because of my heart condition, but as somebody once said, “If you can’t play a sport, be a sport.” Can you see sports in my images for today, many of which I took while going for a three-hour walk yesterday?

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “sports”:

Be a sport and leave a comment, okay?

If gathering and expressing gratitude were a sport, I’d be an elite athlete!

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Day 3204: My neighborhood

Over the years, I’ve shared many photos of my neighborhood in this blog.

What impressions do you get of my neighborhood today?

I’m sure I’ll get more pictures of my neighborhood when I go for my walk this morning. There’s also a great pizza place in my neighborhood.

This is what I was listening to when I was walking in my neighborhood yesterday.

If you want to leave a comment, you can do so in the neighborhood below.

Many thanks for joining me in my neighborhood today!

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Day 3203: When and where?

Last night, when I had completed a very long work day (including facilitating two remote therapy groups where we discussed COVID, family issues, the past, the present, and the future), I tweeted this:

When somebody asked about my answer to that question, this is where I went:

When and where did I capture the other images in today’s blog?

We now know where the Daily Bitch is going, but we don’t know when.

When you looked at those photos, did you notice that Joan is now getting breaks from the cone? When her skin problem is healed, she’ll be where she needs to be to be totally cone-free!

I just took that photo in the room where I’m blogging.

Regarding the when and where of most of today’s photos: Yesterday I went to CVS and Marshall’s where I bought an ace bandage and a baby onesie for Joan. When Joan is without the cone, she prevents her skin from healing by licking where the problem is. When we tried the other solutions , Joan let us know where she is on this issue — she definitely prefers the cone!

This is the song that takes me back to when I was young and where there were transistor radios, a different kind of cone (ice cream), the sun, and the sea.

When and where might you leave a comment?

When you get to the end of my blog posts, that’s where you find my gratitude.

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