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Day 2841: Is this anything?

“‘Is this anything?’,” writes Jerry Seinfeld in his new book Is This Anything?, “is what every comedian says to every other comedian about any new bit.”

When a man got out of a plain white van yesterday morning and handed me a brown box, I wondered, “Is this anything?” and it was.

All day, I asked myself “Is this anything?” as I took pictures of anything.

Was that anything?

Here‘s Jerry Seinfeld talking about “Is This Anything?” on Good Morning America, which has many things I love, including cats.

If you hesitate to leave a comment by asking yourself, “Is this anything?” know that your comments are everything to me.

Is gratitude anything? The answer is YES!

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Day 2832: Trump


  • is President of the USA,
  • often comes up in my Coping and Healing groups,
  • frightens people,
  • divides people,
  • has said confusing, minimizing, and irresponsible things about the coronavirus,
  • has the coronavirus, and
  • appears on many little stickers near Wollaston Beach.

This Trump 2020 sticker …

… said “MAKE LIBERALS CRY AGAIN.” Now it says…

LIBERALS 2020 (more or less).

Let’s see if Trump appears in my photos from yesterday.

No matter what day it is, Trump is ALWAYS on my mind, even when he doesn’t appear in my photos. I hope enough people say

NO to him on November 3.

Also, Michael has said for years that Harley …

… is a Trump supporter. If so, I think the debate earlier this week changed his mind.

Here‘s “WE’RE ALL DOOMED” – Trump vs. Biden ft. “Weird Al” Yankovic.

Thanks to Weird Al, Sharpies, Michael, Harley, and everybody else who helps me create this daily blog, including YOU!

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