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Day 3654: What helps you feel better?

I’m realizing, here and now, that what helps me feel better is more acceptance and less pressure.

It helps me feel better to clarify that first sentence: if I accept myself and others and I put less pressure on myself to do more and to do things perfectly, I feel better.

It helps me feel better to be aware of my dreams. For example, last night I dreamt that I was trying to facilitate a Coping and Healing therapy group in a huge cavernous location with many rooms, a bad sound system, and people who weren’t really interested in participating. After trying to help them feel better to no avail, I stopped the group and let everyone go. It helps me feel better to realize that is probably an anxiety dream about my starting new groups for the doctors where I work.

It helps me feel better to realize I’ve accomplished enough in my long life and, at this point, I can relax and let go. It helps me feel better to know I can keep reminding myself of this, every day.

Does anything in this blog post help you feel better?

I hope it helps you feel better to know there’s a new year’s worth of The Daily Bitch Calendar.

Here’s the first thing I find on YouTube when I search for “what helps you feel better?”

Thanks to all who who help me feel better, including YOU!

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Day 3652: Make Up Your Mind Day

Today, according to the National Day Calendar site, is Make Up Your Mind Day.

I can’t make up my mind about many things, including whether people across the United States really observe Make Up Your Mind Day. However, I am celebrating, on New Years Eve Day and No Interruptions Day, the fact that I have finally made up my mind (after many interruptions) about the tiles, the fixtures, etc. to repair our severely water-damaged shower.

I don’t know why it takes me so long to make up my mind about certain things — maybe it’s a fear of making a mistake and having to live with it.

I do know that I easily made up my mind to spend a few days in NYC with my only son, Aaron. I’m so grateful I made up my mind to try to have a child in my 40s, after doctors changed their minds about whether it was advisable for someone with an unusual heart like mine to have a baby.

Now I’m going to make up my mind about how to arrange the images I have to share with you today.

I made up my mind to ask that question on Twitter after Aaron and I discussed who we would like to be interviewed by (among many other topics) on the train to NYC and before I saw that Barbara Walters had died.

There were many images I didn’t capture yesterday — including the throngs of people in Times Square and a local TV personality reporting about it — but I’m making up my mind, here and now, to let go of regrets about what I haven’t or have done in the past. I’ve also made up my mind to focus on hope and joy, even when there is so much pain and suffering in the world.

I’m glad I made up my mind for us to see “A Strange Loop” last night before it closes next month on Broadway. I’ve made up my mind to share this with you today:

Now I have to make up my mind about how Aaron and I are going to spend this precious day, besides finally seeing the musical Merrily We Roll Along together.

I hope you make up your mind to leave a comment below.

Every day, I make up my mind to end this blog with gratitude for YOU.

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Day 2624: Get Seen, Be Loved

Yesterday, when I arrived back in Boston, I saw two signs that summed up my experience at the American Group Psychotherapy Association annual conference, Connect 2020.



Getting seen and being loved, to me,  beautifully expresses the healing power of groups.

These recent photos are waiting to get seen and be loved.















Get seen, be loved, even with all the mess.

For the second day in a row, I want the late, great McCoy Tyner to get seen and be loved here.

If you’d like to get seen and be loved, please leave a comment, below.

As always, I am grateful to all who help me get seen and be loved, every day.


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Day 2620: New York Attitude

Do you see a New York attitude in my photos from yesterday?

At West Side Story last night, the guy sitting next to me told me his wife wouldn’t go to the theater for fear of catching the coronavirus. I’m not sure what my attitude is about that.

What’s your attitude, here and now?

My attitude, as always, is gratitude.

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Day 2148: Don’t miss the drama

Yesterday morning,  before leaving our dramatic New York City airbnb to attend the second and final day of a dramatic  group therapy conference, I didn’t miss the drama of this sign on the wall:


I didn’t miss the fact that  “Don’t miss the drama” was a perfect invitation for a day of learning, connection, and  participation in the human drama of group therapy.

In those groups, I learned, again, how the dramas, traumas, thoughts, feelings, and actions of all the individuals present can dramatically form and transform a group experience. I’m so glad I didn’t miss the drama of that group therapy conference, despite the drama of our traumatic drive from Boston to NYC through white-out conditions on Thursday night.

Don’t miss the drama in my other photos from yesterday.
























IMG_1125Did you pick up or miss the dramatic thanks I’m giving to the Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society and everyone else who contributed to the wonderful drama of my days in New York? Also, don’t miss the drama of my thanks to you — of course! —  for participating in this blog.


Finally, don’t miss the drama of Marcelo Álvarez singing “Sperai, tanto il deliro” from Pagliacci:

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Day 1960: I AM

I AM in New York City while I AM writing today’s blog.

I AM a fan of the Off Broadway one-man performance In & Of Itself by magician Derek DelGaudio, which has the subtitle “Identity is an illusion.”

I AM telling you that I, like every other audience member, needed to choose an identity before last night’s performance of In & Of Itself.


I AM happy that I chose that identity, but I AM more than just a blogger. I AM also a mother.




I AM a photographer.










I AM also a Social Worker, among many other things.

I AM curious about what you would say you are.

I AM sharing this interview of Derek DelGaudio by Stephen Colbert, which inspired me to see In & Of Itself last night.


I AM grateful to all who help me be a blogger every day, including you, no matter who or what you are.


… and I AM adding this, here and now.


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Day 1766: Trapped

Yesterday morning, somebody in therapy talked about feeling trapped and how that affects anxiety.

Later in the day, we heard how people in New York City were trapped, injured, and killed in a  pedestrian pathway .

This morning, I’m reading how New Yorkers are refusing to be trapped by terror.

Here’s how we worked on feeling trapped yesterday:


What do you do when you’re feeling trapped?

Do any of my other images relate to being trapped?





Here‘s  the New York Halloween Parade from last night, after the terrible attack.


My deepest sympathy to all who suffered losses. Thanks to all who do their best to heal  every day (including you).


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Day 1266: Something You Like

Something I like to think is that reading my blog is something you like.

Is seeing this photo something you like?


Something I like is singing in front of people to the best of my ability without fear. Something you might like is that I absolutely did that, yesterday, at The Voice tryouts in New York City.

I didn’t get a red card for a callback and getting a callback is something I like. However, here’s something  I like almost as much: I let go of disappointment immediately, because

  1. I knew I sang great,
  2. I can’t control what The Voice is looking for,
  3. My increasing confidence is going to help me sing more in public, and
  4. There are so many other somethings in my life that I like.

Is there something you like in my other photos from yesterday?






















Something I like is singing  my tryout song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” a capella, like these guys (here on YouTube, if you like):

Is Acapella Soul something you like?  What about leaving comments?

One more thing I like: sharing some things I like with you, every day.


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Day 705: Bloggy

Yesterday, soon after we arrived in Penn Station in New York City, my friend Deb thoughtfully asked, “Do you want to take a picture of that?  That looks bloggy.”


I agreed with Deb, even though I’d never heard the word “bloggy” before.

My bloggiest readers know that I often start posts with a definition, but because I won’t be able to find such a bloggy definition online, I shall now bloggily make one up:


adjective, informal

1. Relating to or otherwise appropriate for blogs.

“Doesn’t that look bloggy? Maybe you should take a photo of it.”

2. (onomatopoeic)  Blurry, foggy, confused.

“You’re looking rather bloggy. Have you been taking good enough care of yourself?”

What’s the bloggy thing to do now? Let’s see if I captured other bloggy images yesterday, as I went from cardiac rehab to work to the train station to New York City.


IMG_2830 IMG_2831 IMG_2833 IMG_2835 IMG_2838 IMG_2841 IMG_2845 IMG_2846 IMG_2848 IMG_2850 IMG_2852 IMG_2853 IMG_2855 IMG_2857 IMG_2858 IMG_2859 IMG_2860 IMG_2861 IMG_2863 IMG_2864 IMG_2865 IMG_2866 IMG_2868 IMG_2870 IMG_2871 IMG_2872

If any of those photos make you feel bloggy in any way, feel free to leave your bloggy comments or questions below.

I must be feeling bloggy, because I almost forgot to include some bloggy music.

“A Foggy Day” (which in my bloggy mind sounds close enough to “A Bloggy Day in New York Town) by George and Ira Gershwin as performed by Fred Astaire found here on bloggy YouTube.

Thanks to blogolicious* Deb and to all my bloggy friends out there (including you, of course!)

* Another word that Deb made up. Feel free to bloggily provide a blogolicious definition.


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