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Day 2191: Personal 10 Best and Worst of 2018

Because I think New Year’s resolutions can be the worst, my best way of  marking the New Year is to compile my personal 10 Best and 10 Worst lists for the year.  What’s best about that ritual is that it allows me to look back over the past year in a useful way, getting some closure as we move into the brand new year.

Because I don’t want to dwell on the worst, I think it’s best that I share only my personal 10 Best of 2018 (in alphabetical order):





Health of those I love

Home near the ocean

Iceland/Edinburgh trip


Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy (inc. becoming President)

Original songs

There were so many bests this year,  the cats didn’t even make it on the list.  Although, maybe it’s best that I include them in the “Health of those I love” or in “Friends.”

Here are my best and worst photos from yesterday:

If you can’t read any of those photos, it’s best that you click on them to enlarge.

My son Aaron thinks that the first song I wrote is still my best.  Here it is:

I don’t know if I agree that “I Don’t Like You” is my best, but it’s certainly not my worst.

If you want to share your personal  best and/or worst of 2018, it’s best you do so in the comments section, below.

Every time I post, I do my best to thank all who help me blog every day and — of course! — YOU.  Happy New Year!


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Day 1461: Great

Great!  It’s time for me to write a great blog post on the final great day of 2016.

I have this great tradition, every New Year’s Eve, of listing the 10 greatest things AND the 10 least great things that happened all year.

My son, Aaron (who tops my great list), recently said to me, “I’m sure the worst thing that happened to you last year was your open heart surgery.”  My great answer? “No, it wasn’t.”

Any great guesses about what tops my worst list for 2016?  I hope you know that any comment you leave would be great.

Yesterday,  the great staff at cardiac rehab gave me this:


See that Arm Ergo exercise on that great card?  I felt great about telling the great cardiac rehab staff that  I didn’t want to do that yesterday, since that great new exercise had caused some great pain to return last weekend.  The staff said, “That’s great!  Pain just means your muscles are waking up!”

Cardiac rehab:  Making pain great again.

Are any of my other photos from yesterday great?

























One of my top 10 great memories from 2016 was watching this great Jim Jefferies routine with my great friend Maria two weeks after my open heart surgery:

It was great to see Jim Jefferies with my great son last night at the Wilbur Theater in the great city of Boston (where they recorded his great gun control routine two years ago).

Two of my pictures, above, are inspiring me to share this great song in this end of year post:


In conclusion, thanks to my great readers for supporting me throughout 2016. I have high hopes that we will have more to celebrate in the future.


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Day 365: End of Year (Big Deal!)

I’m looking at the title of this post, people, trying to decide what to tell you about it.

I’m looking at this entire year, people, trying to decide what to tell you about it.

Here’s a relevant quote, from a movie I love.

“Let me explain. No, there is too much.  Let me sum up.”

Here’s a short clip, including that quote:

(thanks to angelofcaine69)

I wanted to find a clip that included JUST that quote, but I couldn’t. So time to move on … to summing up.

Perhaps I avoid summing up.  Why? Maybe because summing up can involve numbers*. Or maybe because summing up means conclusions and decisions, which I can also avoid, because I LOVE …

  • Creating space for people to come to their own conclusions and decisions.
  • Opening up possibilities, rather than restricting them.

And yet, today is a traditional day for summing up and for conclusions. To get closure. To let go of the past (while still respecting its gifts). To move forward.

I’m now looking at the title of this post, again, with a critical** eye.  I’m asking myself, “What is true in that title, and what is opinion?”

Well, it’s an undeniable fact that it’s the End of the Year, right now (at least where I live).  But … is it really a Big Deal? And if it IS a big deal … to whom? To me?  To you?  To other people?

I’ll tell you what I love about “Big Deal!” in that title.   It implies “Yes” AND “No.” It contains authenticity AND irony.***

Yes, I love that.

Okay!  At this point in today’s blog post, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to re-visit my “About” page, which was written a year ago, to see if I have fulfilled my commitments.


This blog is part of my creative process.

It’s also a way to work on my growing acceptance and appreciation of life, and to share and develop some of the wisdom I’ve been slowly accumulating. My commitment is to start on January 1, 2013 and to blog once daily, throughout 2013.

This blog is also another way for me to take risks, to venture out into the world in new ways, and to embrace and express all my different human feelings– joy, fear, sadness, anger, the whole Emotional Enchilada. I plan to engage in my well-developed sense of play, and approach some painful material, also.

So this blog does a lot for me!

Hey!  You know what?  I fulfilled those commitments.   I shall now take a moment to celebrate that accomplishment, by asking for “New Year Fireworks” from my old friend, Google Images.


(thanks to

Because celebrating what I’ve done is a skill I continue to work on (and encourage in others), I would like to extend this celebration for few more minutes, via the same request —  “New Year fireworks” — from another old friend, YouTube.

(thanks to hanabian)

I’ve learned a lot this year, my dear readers.

What have I learned?

Well, I guess you’ll just have to read those posts I wrote, every day, to really answer that question. But, to emulate Inigo Montoya, let me sum up:

  1. I blogged.
  2. I learned many things, from myself and from other people.
  3. I have a lot more to learn.
  4. Therefore, I will continue to blog, as long as I have ideas, and as long as anybody wants to keep reading.

Since I’m continuing on this blogging adventure, what to do about the title of this blog? I mean, it’s “The Year of Living Non-Judgmentally” and that year is coming to a close, today. So, obviously, I have to change it.


That’s been another thing on my friggin’ to do list, y’know?

Well, I highly recommend taking the easy way out, whenever possible. Keep it simple.

And every change, no matter how small, still counts. Every change is a Big Deal.

So without further ado, I shall now unveil the new title of this here blog:

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

Yep, that’s it!

I don’t know what YOU think or feel about THAT.  However, I do know this:

I LOVE it.

Thanks to all my readers for a year of living, loving, and learning; of disappointment and hope; of fear, sadness, anger, and joy; of all those big deals and more. See you tomorrow, in 2014!


* I don’t want people to get the wrong idea, regarding my feelings about numbers. I love numbers, sometimes.  However, numbers are not my native language, so sometimes they challenge me. Hmmm. I don’t like the way I said that. “They challenge me” is too mild, too wimpy a statement. How about this? Sometime, I hate numbers. Nope, too strong.  How about this? Sometimes, numbers make me crazy.  Nope, “crazy” is not a great word for me to use. How about this?  Sometimes they make me angry. Nope, people have trouble with anger.  Arrrghh!  What’s the right word, regarding me and numbers?  Damned if I know, right now. Maybe I’ll figure that out next year.

** In other words, with judgment!  Did you catch me?

*** Or humor or sarcasm or whatever else you want to call that.

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Day 32: February is the coolest month.

I tried different titles for this post.


February is the cruelest month. (It can be very icy, cold, and miserable, but T.S. Eliot already grabbed that honor for April.)

February is the shortest month. (Can’t argue with that.)

February is the worst-spelled month. (I mean, come on!  What IS the deal with that goofy silent “r”?)

But I settled on the title “February is the coolest month” for three reasons:

(1) It is quite cold, at least where I live.

(2)  It rhymes with “cruelest” (for a little literary echo).

(3)  For me, it meets the other definition of coolest, because … it’s my birthday month.

And, dear reader,  I DO think that February is the best month — the coolest of them all.  I guess that’s because I’ve managed to separate any negative feelings about aging from my experience of my birthday.

What I’ve done with my fears about aging is to strategically place them elsewhere.  On New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve is when I get all caught up with the passage of time, fears about my own mortality, and all that other fun stuff.  As a result, if I’m going to get moody and freaked out about getting older, I save it up for New Year’s Eve.  Who knows how I’ll feel on December 31 of This Year of Living Non-Judgmentally; in all the  judgmental years leading up to this one, I’ve really disliked it.

So while this strategy may be unfair to an innocent, end-of-year date, it allows me to continue to enjoy my birthday.  Freaking out about where the hell time is going?  New Year’s Eve.  Fun and excitement and the expectation of cake?  That would be my birthday.

I’m glad that  I’ve been able to maintain some consistency of joy each year so far, looking forward to my birthday.

And I’m glad the coolest month is here.

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