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Day 518: Almost

I’m almost ready to start writing this post.

I guess that’s good enough.

I’m almost back to how I felt, before I got pneumonia.  That’s good enough, too. However, I am going into work later than usual today, as I continue to recover.

I’m almost ready to tell you the main reason I picked the title “Almost.”

I almost forgot to include some important information in yesterday’s post.  Soon after I published the post, I realized what was missing, and I took steps to repair that.

“Almost” is something I can worry about, almost as strongly as an actual event.  For example, if I almost

  • forget something,
  • damage something,
  • lose something,
  • hurt myself,
  • cause somebody else pain,
  • throw something important away,
  • make a mistake …

… I can feel bad.   I can imagine the consequences of what I almost did, and actually feel some real fear  that I came … that … close.

That’s almost too much, isn’t it?  I mean, it’s painful enough to regret the past and worry about the future … but to get anxious about something that ALMOST happened?  Don’t we all have near misses all the time?

I’m almost horrified at myself, this morning.  It’s almost laughable, how many ways I could be fearful and anxious, not only about real problems but also the mere POSSIBILITY of a problem.

Just now, I almost added “Almost” to the list of cognitive distortions (automatic, human ways of thinking that can cause anxiety, stress, and depression). But since I didn’t create that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy list to begin with, that almost seems presumptuous and inappropriate.

However, I’m definitely — not almost — adding “Almost” to my personal list of unhelpful distortions.  I shall do my best to be aware of Almost-thinking, letting go of those thoughts without judgment.

I’m almost done with this post.

I’m almost sure I have some photos on my phone that will fit here, almost as if I planned it.

This house almost looks like it’s levitating:


Can you see it?  Here’s another shot of it:


I’m almost amazed that this nearby, non-levitating house


has only almost sold, while the almost-levitating house definitely has.


When I was walking here yesterday …


… I almost told a passing bicyclist that she didn’t need to warn me with “On your left!” as she drove by.  That almost always annoys me, because I experience it as disruptive, as I’m walking steadily along.  Then, I noticed this:


… and realized the bicyclist was just observing requested etiquette (#2 on the list).  I resolved to lose my annoyance, from then on.

This almost looks like a famous painting to me:


It’s almost dusk, in this photo:


To me, this almost looks like we have poker-playing mice:


What does this almost look like, to you?


Now, I’m truly almost finished.

Thanks to anybody who almost does anything and to you — of course! — for almost certainly postponing doing something else in order to read this, today.

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