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Day 3582: Cool

As the weather here turns cool and we approach the midterm elections, I am trying to keep my cool, which was difficult yesterday when Joan the cat suddenly disappeared when I momentarily got distracted when we were outside together and I was inspecting the cool construction work on our home. I lost my cool as I searched for Joan, catastrophizing that I would never see that cool cat again. After many uncool minutes when Joan was uncharacteristically silent while I was calling her, she suddenly popped up, cool as a cucumber (although cats actually are not cool with cucumbers, as you can see here).

Also, my cool yellow Honda Fit with manual transmission has a brand new alternator which travelled all the way from Arkansas to Massachusetts, so now I’m cool about it starting up in the cool mornings. I find it cool and fun to drive a car with a stick shift and I think it’s uncool that they’re phasing out those kinds of cars.

At the end of the day, I did some cool EMDR therapy to help me stay cool while others are losing their cool around me, and my therapist and I came up with a cool positive cognition: “I can trust myself.”

How cool are my images for today?


It’s cool to make a difference and here is “Cool” from West Side Story on The Ed Sullivan Show!

I have many cool memories of watching that show when I was a kid.

I look forward to your cool comments and thanks to all the cool creatures who help me blog every day, including YOU

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