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Day 3596: Friendly reminders

Yesterday, I got this friendly reminder email at work:

This friendly reminder triggered many unfriendly thoughts in the unfriendly parts of my brain, like “Oh no! My license is going to expire and I won’t be able to work and I love my work and usually they send me a renewal notice in the mail but I didn’t see it and bureaucracies are so screwed up since COVID and I better do something about this NOW!” So I went to the Massachusetts licensing board website and spent many unfriendly minutes trying to renew my license as soon as possible (as I was directed to do by that friendly reminder) until I found a screen that said “your license renewal code will be mailed to you approximately 60 days before the expiration date of your license.” There is absolutely nothing I can do until I get that renewal code, which made me wonder why I was sent that friendly reminder 90 days in advance.

I mean, really, how friendly is that?

Do you see any friendly reminders in my images for today?

There’s another not-so-friendly reminder from the Daily Bitch Calendar.

Two friendly reminders: today is a good day to have donuts and play outdoors.

The Peter Gunn theme by Henry Mancini is a friendly reminder of my childhood.

This is a friendly reminder that all comments are welcomed, below.

Thanks to all who remind me that there are friendly people out there, including YOU!

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Day 3595: Choices

Every day, there are choices to make.

Too many choices can be overwhelming; too few choices might feel like we’re trapped.

Yesterday, I made the choice to not connect my mental health to the choices that people might make in the USA mid-term elections. I will submit my choices when voting on Tuesday and I can only hope that others have chosen wisely.

Here are some choice quotes about choices:


Do you see choices in my other images for today?


This quote about choices by Stephen Sondheim …

… is from Sunday in the Park with George’s “Move On” and I choose to share this beautiful rendition.


My choices for ending a blog post are many, but I always choose gratitude. Thanks to all who made the choice to connect with me here today, including YOU.

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