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Day 3362: Surprise!

Last night, when I was surprised that the U.S. Senate had unanimously passed a bill revoking those surprisingly annoying, semi-annual time changes, I asked this question on Twitter:

I am surprised by how many nice people there are on Twitter and by how many of them are following me and answering my questions.

Are you surprised by any of my images for today?

I was momentarily surprised by how Everything You Think Is Wrong Day (March 15) is immediately followed by Everything You Do Is Right Day, but then it didn’t seem so surprising.

I’m grateful that, after more than 68 years alive on this surprising Earth, I am still capable of being surprised.

When I search YouTube for “Surprise!” I find this:

Thinking of leaving a comment? Surprise me!

Thanks to all the wonderful, kind-hearted, empathic people out there who are capable of being surprised, including YOU!

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