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Day 3438: Learning

I keep learning every day and I try to share some of that learning in this blog.

Yesterday, in a therapy session, somebody compared learning self-acceptance to maintaining a home. While we might wish that our hard work is finally done, we learn to keep recommitting to the upkeep, which is never finished.

This weekend I’ll be learning more about facilitating groups at the annual conference of the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy. I’m never done learning more about groups, too.

I have to say that what I’m learning about my country can be very scary and discouraging. I hope that people in the USA are learning that they have to vote in November if they care about the future of their country and the world.

Do you see learning in my images for today?

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “learning.”

Thanks to all who support my learning, including YOU.

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