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Day 2833: October Surprises

I guess it’s no surprise that people are talking and writing about October surprises, since it’s only the THIRD day of October and there have been so many surprises so far.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure my very unusual heart can take all these October surprises.

Do you see any surprises in today’s images ?

When I used a phone app to identify that weird rash, which I’ve had for all of October, I was surprised to find out that I have hives !

Actually, since hives are often caused by stress, that may be an October non-surprise.

What are your October surprises?

Surprise! Here‘s a reprise of a song from a recent blog post, performed live.

I won’t be surprised if you leave a surprising comment, below.

I hope it’s no surprise that I’m grateful to you, no matter what month it is.

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