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Day 1687: Solutions

Yesterday morning, I spent several hours on the phone talking to three different people from the Apple Help Desk, looking for solutions for my photo-loading and storage problems. I explained to all three that these solutions were imperative to support my daily blogging habit.

After all that time, I believe that solutions have been found. I’m about to test that out, here and now.

But before I do, what if solutions have NOT been found? How will I react? Will I feel

  • discouraged,
  • panicky,
  • angry,
  • disappointed,
  • hopeless,
  • put upon,
  • exhausted,
  • betrayed,
  • abandoned,
  • accepting, and/or
  • amused?

No matter what the facts are or how I feel about them, I believe there will be more solutions in the future.

Pardon me, while I attempt to load photos into this post, to test out the many solutions we tried yesterday.






Yay!  The solutions are a success!

Do you see any solutions in my photos or in this YouTube video?

Thanks to all the wonderful people who provide solutions and (of course!) to YOU.




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