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Day 3678: Great beginnings

Yesterday, I ended my day by asking a question about great beginnings on Twitter.

Great answers about great beginnings of movies included Raiders of the Lost Ark, La La Land, Jaws, Apocalypse Now, The Producers, Star Wars, Raising Arizona, A Touch of Evil, Double Indemnity, and (last but not least) Up.

Here’s the great beginning of Up.


Do you see great beginnings in my other images for today?

Saying “sorry” is usually not a great beginning, which is why I often respond to “sorry” with “no need to apologize.”

That reminds me that I always play my favorite board game — Sorry! — on my birthday and I’m looking forward to that great beginning next week with no apologies.

Who wants to begin a comment with thoughts and feelings about great beginnings?

Gratitude makes great beginnings and great endings, so thanks to all who help me start my day with great beginnings, including YOU!

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