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Day 3380: Get colossally curious

As a therapist and a human being, I get colossally curious about people, their thoughts, their feelings, and their behaviors.

Yesterday, when I was walking outside with my colossally beloved friend Barbara during a curiously and colossally windy yet sunny day, we decided to get shelter from the wind by going into the Stone Zoo, where I saw this sign:

My birthday was in February and Barbara’s was in March, and in case people are getting colossally curious about how old we are, I will say that we have been celebrating birthdays with each other for over six decades. When we paid the zoo admission yesterday, we agreed that I would get Barbara’s ticket and she would get mine, which might have seemed colossally curious to the cashier.

Once we were inside the zoo, I got colossally curious about people’s wanting to spend time in a hurricane simulator that had 78 mile per hour winds …

… but I guess the winds that day weren’t colossal enough for them.

While we were at the zoo, Barbara told me that her favorite animal these days is our cat, Joan, which is not so colossally curious to me.

Are you getting colossally curious about my other images for today?

I get colossally curious about these National and World Days, and I’m hoping to listen to a film score (and maybe find some chocolate mousse) on World Party Day.

I find this on YouTube when I search for “get colossally curious” …

… and this:

I am colossally curious about the comments I’m going to get about this post.

Colossal thanks to all who help me stay curious enough to create this daily blog, including YOU.

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Day 2409: Hard to describe

It’s hard to describe

  • what’s going on in the world,
  • what’s going on inside,
  • values,
  • moods,
  • feelings,
  • body experiences,
  • what you’re thinking,
  • what other people are thinking,
  • what’s important,
  • love,
  • hope,
  • grief,
  • conflict,
  • connection,
  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • stress,
  • problems,
  • solutions,
  • the past,
  • the future,
  • the present, and
  • many other things.

And yet, I try to describe what’s hard to describe here, every day, with words and pictures.

















It’s hard to describe how much it helps me to

  • blog,
  • eat healthy meals prepared with love, and
  • look for what’s beautiful in the world.

Here‘s “How Hard to Describe What I Am” by 13th-century Persian poet Rumi:

What’s hard to describe, for you?  I hope you describe it in a comment, below.

The depths of my gratitude for all who help me create these posts and all who read them (including you) may be hard to describe, but here goes:


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Day 1921: It’s a shame

When you reach out to somebody clearly expressing a wish to connect and you consistently get nothing in return, it’s a shame.  I mean,  that’s not only an unfortunate and perplexing experience, it also triggers the shame response, which (according to Google) looks like this:


(image found here)

When I experience the shame response, I

  • feel the urge to withdraw and hide,
  • try to figure out why there’s been no reaction to my attempts to connect,
  • remember that experiencing shame in response to perceived devaluation or rejection is a universal human reaction and that there’s no shame in shame, and
  • resolve  to reconnect more effectively — if not to the same person then to others.

What do you do when you experience the shame response to perceived devaluation or rejection?

I think it’s a shame if I don’t share my photos from yesterday.










It’s a shame that the last image shows a color copy of a 20 dollar bill and not the real thing.

Here‘s “It’s a Shame” by The Spinners:



Knowing that your input is important to others helps dispel the shame response.  Questions?  Concerns?  Suggestions?

It’s a shame if I don’t remember to thank all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — YOU.


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Day 1801: What’s bothering us? What do we do about it?

What’s bothering us?

Well, I can’t speak for all of us, but what’s bothering me are the latest headlines from my news feed.

What do I do about it?

When something is bothering me, I do my best to share thoughts, feelings, and images.






Those squiggles on my office whiteboard represent the ups and downs of moods and life, which can bother people.

This video of the Old Philosopher, Eddie Lawrence, helped what was bothering me, Bunky.

What’s bothering you?  What do you do about it?  How about leaving a comment?

Thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and to you — of course! —  no matter what you do about it.


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