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Day 519: $!

I had a lot of $ anxiety yesterday.   It was almost overwhelming.

$ anxiety = a major source of stress, for lots of people.

My $ anxiety, however, didn’t really make ¢¢. While there’s been some recent health + work uncertainty in my life,  I’m not in real $ danger, at the moment.

But, I COULD be, at some point in the future.

Which reminds me of this paragraph, @ my other WordPress location:

This is a particularly extreme and painful form of fortune telling, where we project a situation into a disaster or the worst-case scenario. You might think catastrophizing helps you prepare and protect yourself, but it usually causes needless anxiety and worry.

Besides catastrophizing, here are other things that ^^^  my $ anxiety:

  • Unexpected charges.
  • The involvement of large bureaucracies (like the Internal Revenue Service).
  • Needing to make decisions, quickly.
  • Having to rely on other people.
  • Distrust.
  • Worry about being taken advantage of, because of my lack of expertise.
  • Confusion about the right thing to do.
  • Fear of making the “wrong” decision.
  • Imagining others judging me as “foolish.”


Except for #1 on that list, none of those have to do with $. The rest are worries related to (1) control, (2) other people, (3) decision-making, & (4) mistakes/perfectionism — like __%* of my other posts.

!!@$`!|_!¢?!+!¡ª[&º–≠{!!)}§]$?¶•(?~&!! **

Now that I’ve gotten THAT off my chest, I want to acknowledge that  $ stress can be all too real, to a large % of the world’s population.

But when you add worries about the future + regrets about the past, to $ concerns, that stress can seem ….

Now, what can help me let go of worry, today?

How about music?

Here’s something I linked to, two days ago:

Since I have some worry that “The Best Things in Life Are Free” from Mad Men, starring one of my favorite song-and-dance men, Robert Morse, might disappear — poof! —  from YouTube, all too soon …  let’s do one more song about $.

And since I have some worry that some of my readers can’t see videos in my post, I’m letting go of that — poof! — with these stress-reducing and/or keyboard-character-related images, from yesterday:








Thanks to the Beatles (for reminding us that money can’t buy us love), to Robert Morse, to Mad Men, to Angry Women, to people in all sorts of states, to silly and non-silly geese, to special characters on my keyboard (and elsewhere), and to you — of course!!!! — for reading today.

* Of course I’m going to have footnotes today … it’s another excuse to use special characters in this post! Oh, and I don’t know what percentage of my posts include those things, but it’s a #$@!!!%^$#@!!** large one.

** Indicating swear words, obscenities, and other uncivilized expressions of emotion.


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