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Day 2193: What do you require?

Here and now, what do you require?


Wines? Vines? Whines? Madness?  Wisdom?  Being watched over? Lucidity? Poets? Lovers?  Helpful quotes?  Art?  Artists?  ACCURATE SPELLING?



Tea?  Compassion? Advice?  Never being wrong?



Celebrating?  Cats?  Being like a cat?



Cool socks?  Giving?  Receiving?



A perfect world?



Blessings?  An angel by your side?



Encouragement? Compliments?  Niceness? Puns?




100% reality?  Feeling special?



Affirmations?  Magic? More quality time with people you love?


Do you require more sleep?  I do and this video shows up when I search YouTube for “What do you require”:


Do you require thanks for reading my blog?



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Day 438: Double O

In yesterday’s post, I included this sign, which involved a double 0.


At the hospital cafeteria yesterday, the cashier pointed out that my lunch, made up of soup, salad (priced by weight), and water (pictured here)


.. totaled to a double 0 number:


She remarked that people sometimes swoon when they see Double 0’s like that, on their bill.

A quick aside to Observant Ones, like Mark Bialczak .. Look how my hometown is spelled on that same receipt:


Oops! There should be two O’s in Boston, but no “i.”

Oh-oh. This post may be too goofy, even for me.

Look how loosely I’m using Double O’s: as numbers, as letters, as initials, AND in the middle of words.


I’m stooping to misspelling words, too!

Mood: Gloom. Sense of worth? 00 cents.

Hey, people! Not ALL of these posts are going to be good. Or original. Obviously. OBVIOUSLY!  I WRITE A POST EVERY FRIGGIN’ DAY!

Did I doom things, there, with my attitood?   Am I being too obnoxious? Or Obstreperous?

Or too too …. snooty, using such big words?

Oh, poop.  This is exhausting.

Oh! That reminds me. Yesterday, two observant ones asked me if I was okay.  I was, but I hadn’t gotten enough sleep, the night before. That happens to me, sometimes.

Yes, dear readers, I’ve given up on the premise of this post, okay? OKAY? It’s too difficult to sustain.  I want to end this post, too, and I can’t think of any double-o words that allow me to do that smoothly.

I need some food..




Oo!  How about some moovie music, that I loooove?


Thanks to ThemeTunez for posting the James Bond theme on YooToob, to observant ones everywhere, and to YOO, no matter what your attitood or mood.

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