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Day 3039: Personal growth

Every day, no matter what this blog is about, I categorize it as “Personal growth” in the settings (which appear at the end of each post).

Do you see personal growth in today’s images?

I don’t know if the Daily Bitch would agree with this, but I believe that personal growth is mutual — if we witness somebody else’s personal growth, we personally grow too.

Yesterday, in therapy with someone who struggles with confrontation (and dealing effectively with confrontation is part of everyone’s personal growth), I mentioned how David Letterman used to make difficult phone calls for studio audience members.

Do you see personal growth in this 1995 David Letterman segment I was able to find on YouTube?

Here’s something that Pat Metheny (who was sitting in with Dave’s band that night and who has helped me with my personal growth for decades) was playing with his group in 1995:

If you make a comment, that might help everybody’s personal growth.

Gratitude is part of personal growth, so thanks to everyone who accompanies me on this blogging journey, including YOU.

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Day 1041: Intensity

Yesterday, as I was driving my intensely yellow car through the intensity of Boston traffic, I saw this:


In the intensity of the moment, I realized  that Intensity Spray Foam contained the intensity I’d like for my next blog post.

Here are are my thoughts, right now, about “intensity”:

  • People often come into therapy because of the intensity of their feelings.
  • Intensity can be uncomfortable and enjoyable, too.
  • Personally, I prefer intensity to its opposite.
  • To me, the opposite of intensity is numbness or dullness.
  • The intensity of includes this definition of intensity: passion, force.
  • also lists these synonyms of intensity (without the intensity of alphabetical order):

anxiety, concentration, depth, earnestness, emotion, energy, excitement, ferocity, fervor, fury, magnitude, power, severity, strength, vigor, acuteness, ardor, deepness, emphasis, excess, extreme, extremity, fanaticism, ferociousness, fervency, fierceness, fire, force, forcefulness, keeness, might, nervousness, potency, sharpness, strain, tenseness, vehemence, violence, volume, wildness, high pitch, intenseness

  • 27 out of 42 of those intensity synonyms seem intensely positive to me. The intensity of my math skills tells me that “intensity” is therefore 64% personally positive.
  • I am intensely curious why “passion” is not listed as a synonym of intensity.  Including “passion” bumps up the intensity of my personally positive percentage to 67%.
  • Ready for the intensity of intensity antonyms, according to

apathy, calm, calmness, ease, enervation, happiness, idleness, inactivity, lethargy, unimportance, weakness, powerlessness, dullness, laziness, moderation

  • 7 out of those 15 words seem intensely negative to me, so the intensity negative percentage, for me, is 47%.
  • “Numbness” is not listed as an antonym. Including that increases the intensity of my personally negative percentage to 53%.

What are your mathematical and/or non-mathematical reactions to “intensity,” right now?

I can’t hold back the intensity of this thought:

Who — besides somebody at — thinks that the opposite of intensity is happiness?

Here’s the intensity of my first, tentative answer to the intensity of my own question: Buddhists, perhaps?

Which of these photos — which I took in the intensity of much warmer than average temperatures yesterday — contain the most intensity, for you?

IMG_6586IMG_6590 IMG_6588


IMG_6594 IMG_6595 IMG_6597IMG_6599IMG_6600 IMG_6601 IMG_6604   IMG_6612IMG_6614

IMG_6615 IMG_6616 IMG_6617 IMG_6618IMG_6619 IMG_6623IMG_6624IMG_6625 IMG_6628 IMG_6633 IMG_6629

I hope you enjoy the intensity of this tune, which I heard while I was pondering intensity, yesterday:

I like the intensity of Kurt Elling‘s voice interpreting the intensity of “Minuano,” by Pat Metheny (whose music I’ve adored, with intensity, since the 1970s).

It just occurred to me, with intensity, that I don’t know what “Minuano” means. Maybe that definition is related to “intensity.”

A cold southwesterly wind of southern Brazil, occurring during the Southern Hemisphere winter.

Oooh.  Intense.

I hope you can imagine the intensity of my gratitude for all who helped me intensely create this post and for you — of course! — for experiencing its intensity, today.

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