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Day 417: Fun with Phobias, Part II

Yesterday, I rambled and wrote about some personal, irrational fears.

I was going to call these personal fears “ridiculous,” but I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, since evidence exists that others might share some of my personal phobias, too.

When I published that post yesterday, I felt an extra little burst of joy, thinking, “Wow! This topic is a friggin’ gold mine for future post ideas!”

And as I often like to say, “Why wait?”

Herewith — for your viewing and reading pleasure — are more personal phobias, inspired this morning by (a) the fertile mind of yours truly and (b) just looking around.

1. Pack-o-phobia: Travel-related fear of packing


and — even more inexplicably — unpacking.

photo (83)

2. Pill-o-phobia: Fears related to the taking of medicine.


Symptoms of pill-o-phobia may include concerns about (a) medication dependency, (b) forgetting a dosage, (c) aging, weakness, or other stigmatized perceptions, and (d) a related phobia (see directly below).

3. Medetails-o-phobia: The fear of encountering written or spoken medication disclaimers which focus on side effects** and soothing sentences like “ask your doctor if this medication is right for you.”


4. Spill-o-phobia (generalized): The fear of spilling anything, anywhere.


5. Pantrymoth-o-phobia:  The fear of opened (and, in severe cases, unopened) boxes of grain-based products.


6. Lactolack-o-phobia: The fear of running out of any kind of milk, especially for cereal:


And finally …

7. Utensiloss-o-phobia: The fear of encountering a missing eating implement, especially when hungry:


I could go on (believe me), but I don’t want to trigger anybody’s longblog-o-phobia, which I think is self-explanatory.

Thanks to courageous people everywhere who overcome personal fears all the time and to you — of course! — for braving this blog today.

* This photo was taken the day I wrote this pre-travel post. All other photos taken this morning.

** Which almost always include death.

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