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Day 2453: Good as hell

I’m feeling  good as hell today, because I’m facing a day that is full as hell of

  • group therapy,
  • individual therapy,
  • people I love, and
  • the first event of my 45th college reunion.

Yesterday, in a therapy group that was good as hell, our new good-as-hell social work intern revealed that she loves the music of Lizzo.


I see that Lizzo is in the new movie Hustlers, which is  popular as hell.

Here‘s “Good as Hell” by Lizzo:

I love this good-as-hell comment about that video:

1 week ago
I gotta start loving myself, I don’t wanna let Lizzo down

We gotta start loving ourselves; we don’t wanna let Lizzo down.

Here are other good-as-hell photos from yesterday:








Oscar was good as hell last night at the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy board meeting.

Here are some good-as-hell revelations I’ve had this week:

  1. When you’re good as hell, some people (who probably feel bad as hell about themselves) might resent you for that, and
  2. You can reduce the power of people who make you feel bad as hell by imagining them as small and far-away-as-hell from you.

I’m looking forward to some good as hell comments and here’s some good as hell gratitude from me to YOU!


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